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best inerconnect $300 to $400
You cannot go wrong with any Silver Audio cable. Its' a small company that makes a great silver cable at various price ranges. 
Wadia Upgrades
Steve is a GOOD guy. Honest, trustworthy, etc. He works on all Wadia products,and use to work for Wadia a while ago. 
Lowther based speakers, worth a listen?
This is the web-site that I referred to in St.Louis: 
Wadia modification
I have talked with Steve at Great Northen Sound (yesterday), I also have talked to many people that have sent high end gear to be modified. I will send my gear to him in a heart beat as soon as I have the $. Larry 
Simple Question. Simple Answer?
Dekay, You could purchase silver cable 99.999% from homegrown, to use as a jumper. They would know what to advise you to purchase and the best way to do it. Larry 
Best speakers for 2A3 SET amplifier?
Hi all, I have heard the Avantgarde, Edgarhorns and Kockels. I thought the Kockels sounded best. For the money don't forget the Klipsch KLF 30. Thats what I ended up using with my 5 watt system to save $ (kids factor) 
dac wars
I auditioned at my home both the Belcanto and Birbland Dacs. They are both very good. I favor (and purchased) the Belcanto dac1 because of the extended bass response. 
Tukan VS Legacy studio
The Legacy Studio are a great pair of speakers however I need to use a sub with mine to reach the lows I desire. I also have a pair of Legacy Signiture III. They do it all, and sound great unassisted! 
Get a DAC for CD63SE or a new CD?
Try the Bel Canto Dac-1. I purchased one two weeks ago after auditioning at my home on my equipment a number of dacs and DVD units. What the Dac-1 does for your system is unbelievable. Check out the wedsite: 
I really don't think you can go wrong with a pair of the Legacys. Check out their wewsite and call them. You can try them at your home on your equipment and if you don't like them, return them. You will not be disappointed! E-mail me if you wish f...