Tubes for Pathos Classic One MKII


Has anyone tried the Electro-Harmonix 6922 or the Electro-Harmonix 6922 Gold version tubes in their Pathos Classic One MKII Int. amp? How do they compare to the stock Sovtek 6922 tubes? I thought that the sound of my Pathos was actually quite good with the stock Sovtek 6922 tubes and I am not sure if its worth trying something else now that the tubes need replacement. Or, should I splurge on expensive tubes like the Mullard NOS or Amperex NOS tubes.

Thanks !
I cant honestly recommend what tubes to upgrade to in your Pathos..But, let me offer you this....

Before you spend serious $$$ on NOS types that may or may not sound good in your amp,I will receommend that your try 2 excellent 6922 types that will be much better than the stock Sovteks.

First is this...

and this.....

The Russian 6h23n Cryo from ATSI are very good sounding.Excellent transparency and sweetness. Long lasting and rugged. To me they sound like a more lively 60's Siemens CCa.

The Japanese Matsushita 6DJ8's are warm and focused like a good NOS..but have better dynamics than many older NOS tubes IMO...(and Ive had many...TOO many!!) A real sleeper of a tube.

The Sovteks are not bad sounding, but lack some life and bass response and are splashy and unfocused in the upper mids. The tubes above are really great sounding 6922 types I recommend for a truly better sound.

Im not a particularly big fan of the EH 6922, although their EL-34/KT-88/KT-90 and 12AX7 are quite good sounding.

This is a just my opinion of some different 6922's that Ive had in different equipment over the years and have liked.

Maybe they'll sound good in your amp too.


Thanks for taking the time to put together all this great information...much appreciated !

For Sympa.... questioned, I replaced the stock tubes to Amperex NOS and YES it give you a big time improvement. Hope this help. Very sweet, musically and carry its own pririt. Enjoy them very much, I hope you'll do too.