Tube Testing

HELLO I want to buy a really good tube that will give accurate measurements which will be consistent when listening to them.also do any of the testers tell you if the tube will be quiet without the HASH sound? thankyou,RICH
I have a Hickok 800A(think that's how you spell it) and I am very happy with it. I know it can't tell you if the tube will be microphonic. You will have to test it for leakage, transconductance and the such, if it passes those tests place it in the circuit and see if it is also quiet.


PS> I am also in the learning stage when it comes to tube testers, so.., to any gurus out there my ears are open for learning new things :)
Its very important to be able to listen to the tube.I have seen many tubes measure good and be new and also be noisy.So a tester where you can listen to them or some type of circuit you can plug it in and use headpnones to listen for noise would be great.
Any one who can lend some advice would be appreciated.
The tester that can "listen" to tubes is manufactured by New Sensor (The Sovtek and Electro Harmonix people). It is called the Otto-1.

I have provided a link to the tech specifications and image page.

They are not set up to sell to the general public. If you need help, I have a wholesale account with them.
Thanks Albert.Vacuum Tube Vally has a George kaye tester with audio outputs to listen.
Do you use one Albert
Natalie, no I do not. I wish I had either the George Kaye or the Otto, but have not set aside the cash to do so.

I know that in spite of testing and listening tests that tubes can become noisy and microphonic hours or days after they have been given a clean bill of health.

I wind up relying on performance in the piece it is going in for the ultimate test. Lots of work to pull and replace until the perfect balance is achieved.
Yes how true.It is a pain but well worth it when the right pair pops in.
thankyou for the posts.ALBERT, I really appreciate the offer,I am going to look into it. RICH