Tube or SS integrated for PSB Imagine Ts


I am driving my Imagine Ts with an Arcam AVR300. I also have an Arcam rDAC and use it for two channel stereo (using the stereo direct mode in the Arcam). I want to try out either a Tube or SS integrated amp to see if I can get more resolution for two channel listening.

Any suggestions and recommendations ?

I heard the T's driven with an NAD amp and they sounded pretty good.
ARC VSi60 is a very nice match with the T's. I heard them with an all Integra AV system and was completely unimpressed. Solid state or tubes, they deserve high quality amplification.
Thanks. So which NAD amd did you hear with ?

And what do you mean by high quality amplification ?
Seenu, I was at a Dealer sound room and did not catch the specific model NAD, but I do know NAD and PSB are owned by the same company. An M3 would probably make those T's sing.
Not talking about Krell fbi here. Nad m3 is adequate. Nad c375bee is probably adequate too (similar to m3 but less of everything except power). I would not recommend smaller solid state amps. Like I said arc vsi60 sounded good with imagine T. That is fairly "high quality", fwiw.
The Burson PI-160 could be a nice choice as well...smooth and detailed.
I'll sell you my CJ 2250 for $900--(hope this is not inappropriate, and if it is just ignore).
Knownothing, speaking of Krell, there is now a major recall on some of their amps due to the fact they have ben catching on fire--lol
Thanks all.

I will try out a NAD375 and see how it goes.

How about a Jolida 302 ? Will that handle these speakers ?