Tube integrated w/ phono

What would be a good tube/hybrid integrated amp to use/consider for hook up with my turntable, computer, cd/dvd player, tuner, and a pair of bookshelf speakers? I'm on a pretty tight budget and want to keep the cost under $1300 or so. My room is about 17'd x 8'high x 11'w and is carpeted.
Audio Note Soro SE or Oto about $1300 used.
I've been looking for the same thing, and all I've seen are the Audio Note units above, and the McIntosh 2275. The problem with the Mac is that their tube phono circuts aren't generally well regarded. This is, however, a brand new circut, and I havent heard it.
the mac phono boards have been uniformly excellent for years...unless you have incredibly efficent speakers , the audio note won't drive much.......and the phono stage isn't the quietestg. for your budg3et, a creek solid state integrated is a mutch better purchase.
A used Unison Research Unico would fit your needs and your budget.
IMO the Audionote OTO SE w/ phono cannot be beat used. This is a highend amplifier. At 10w/ch it won't drive everything but it will drive the best speakers out there, get high eff monitors.
What about the Unison Reasearch Unico series, the Unico P is in your price range new. I would also consider an amp and seperate phono stage, ther are lots of tube integrated amps under $1000., and a used Dynavector P-75 phono stage used should be close to your budget.
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