Tube integrated amp suggestions for Proac2

What would be the best match for my Proac2 ?
I heard a Jadis with the Proac2 years back.. magic!
I would have bought the whole system on the spot if I'd had the money at the time.
I am running my Proac response 2 with an old Sonic Frontiers 80 stereo amp using KT-90s. You will need a good amp with a KT-88- 90 output tubes push pull or ultralinear with at lease 60 watts/ channel. I will also suggest a subwoffer that would match well with the proacs. I use the Vandersteen, great sound. Work with the Response 2, one of the best monitors made.
any quality push/pull
Thanks guys....I guess that I have some reading-up to do as I don't know what push/pull means. I am using my Proac2 with a Pathos Classic One MKII amp and thought that the bass was fairly good, but a sub would surely as you suggest complete the package. I agree with you Surfgod, the Proac2 is indeed a very fine speaker.
I heard the 1.5s with an ARC VSi55.
Really nice.
Which power tubes are you using?
Would the Primaluna 1 or 2 be a good choice ?