tube info needed

My amp came with four Billington Gold 6sn7 GT, four JJ E 34 L and four STA: Selected Tube Audio 6550 C tubes. Are these considered good quality tubes? The amp is an Audio Aero Capitole amp @ 50 watts per channel.
You might consider the SED EL34..only because I like them myself....Not sure they will sound better in your Amp...
Cool group to roll with. EL34 vs 6550 vs 6sn7s could make a lot of fun. They are all good tubes (as long as they test well). You can buy better of any of these if you really want but why? Get a feel for them first. Keep in mind that you will probably get different volume levels out of each set. All of these won't put out 50 watts.
Never heard of STA and Billington is a tube seller in the UK, so the tubes are probably made for them, but not by them. If you are going to begin tube replacement or rolling, you have more choices with the 6SN7 tubes. You can move toward the venerable VT231, which is a better sounding tube, but more costly. Some people prefer the more laid back sound of the 5692 tube, also much more expensive than a 6SN7. If you want to just try a different 6SN7, try the ElectroHarmonix, pretty good overall sound and you will not break the bank. I have never used any EL34 tubes and Thorman recommends the SED which is probably a good choice, since I was going to suggest you try the SED 6550 tubes, as they are one of the best sounding 6550's. If you don't have a biasing problem, you probably might want to try KT88's instead of the 6550's. The tube complement in your amp is extraordinary and affords you a remarkable opportunity to a lifetime of tube rolling! Have Fun!!
No need to listen to others. If it sounds good to your ears, then it's good! If not, try a different one. One more thing, using different choices of 6sn7 tubes will make a huge difference over ALL the rest.
I 2nd Solo's comments. If you want to tube roll, start with the 6sn7's. Changing the input tubes will make a much larger difference than the output tubes.