tube dampers for cd player?

Or would it rob the tubes of their sound? Anybody using Herbie Halo (or similar) on their cd player?

I've used the Herbie's tube dampers on tubes in an Audio Note CD2, Lector CDP 0.6T and a MHdt Paradisea DAC (and an Audio Note pre-amp) and in every application the dampers improved the sound. I can't guarantee that it will do the same for you, but in my experience, using the dampers usually results in a smoother presentation and better bass definition along with better separation and focus and a wider and deeper soundstage. Give them a try. They are a very good value and if for some reason you don't like the results you can always return them for your money back as they are sold with a 90 day no-risk trial.

Herbie's Audio Lab: Tube Dampers
I have two tube dampers to be put on the tubes of my Metronome C1A DAC. Will keep you informed of their sonical effect (or non-effects).