Tube CD Player Recommendations

I just came back from trip in Hong Kong and many OEM manufactures from China make name brand tube CD players (i.e. Jolida, Shanling, etc.)

Can anyone give me a good recommendation to buy new/used tube CD player around $500.

I hoping to buy from retailer from Hong Kong, not only for better price but seems like there are more tube CD players to choose from.

So far, I'm considering Jolida JD100S (can buy new for around $400 something range, Ah!Tjoeb, Shanling.

Can I get some ideas!
Used Cary 308 perhaps?
I absolutly love my Shanling CDT-200. So shanling gets my vote
You'd be lucky to get a used Cary 308T, but at your budget maybe the Jolida JD100
Yes you can get tube CD players made in the Hong Kong area at lower prices than US, but the electrical voltage setting for the stock units is different from US. You will have to liaise the dealers in the area on getting one that will suit the US setting.

I would suggest you take a look at the new Cambridge Azur 640 C version 2. These are made in the China area and reasonably priced under $ 500 in Hong Kong. Some reviewers in the Hong Kong area prefer this player as one of the best budget players. Chances are you will be able to get one in the US at similar prices without incurring the international postage. They don't have tubes however.

If you want tubes, another more reputed CD player in the area is Cayin CD-Player CDT-17A but at a somewhat higher price.
Be careful of warranty service, if bought in one country, and trying to obtain service [even non-warranty service] in a different country. Does China have the same voltage/current standards as ours?
Thanks for all the picks guys. I'm not too worried about volatage difference, usually all is needed is voltage converter which can be thrown in for free.

But a good point is the warranty/servicing issues that might arise. I'm also not too worried about shipping cause I can probably get some in HK to pick up and bring to me.

I'll take a look at Cary, Shanling & Cayin
Can you just plug in a voltage converter? Is it really that easy? That sounds suspiciously simple.
I don't know for sure if EVERY hifi item is as easy as just plugging in voltage converter...usually it is.

hifi units with removable power cords, the back should say if it is 120/240 volt compatible (in that case all you would need to do is change the power cord with appropriate prongs).

What I don't know is if there will be any affect on sound quality/degradation using a voltage converter.