tube cd for bright system

This comparison may have been asked before but I can't find it.

I am looking for a well built tube cd player(new)and am willing to sacrifice sound for reliability and have narrowed it down to the two below as I can get both as 220v.

1. Jolida CD-100
2. Opera Consonance CD-120 Linear (non oversampling)

From all the reviews/comments I have read here and elsewhere, it seems that both are very good but the Jolida seems to lack PRAT. Any comments.....


The Jolida has tons of mods and support for those mods. Also, you can tube roll to tailor the sound to your personal taste. And, I am a BIG fan of Burr-Brown DAC processors! To me the sound is more realistic and less like just a "great reproduction. Here, check out the specs:

Model JD 100A: Compact Disc Player

Construction Details and Features:

Gain stage utilizing two 12AX7A vacuum tubes. Unit does not utilize op-amps.
Two transformers.
24/96 Burr Brown DAC.
Phillips CDM 12 Transport System.
Programmable for up to twenty-four tracks.
Full - function random access metal remote control with search function.
Track repeat and index of track search function.
Variable Headphone output.

Hope this helps
thanks for the input.


Have you though that maybe the problem could be at your wires?

I had the same problem with you and I first solve it with consonance droplet cd (replaced Opus 21) and then with a siltech interconnect (replacing valhalla).

Sorry but this post got listed twice.

Its not the wires. I tried a dedicated CD player and solved the problem. Actually reading through some posts I may also opt for a DAC and use the Marantz as a transport. Any comments on that route.

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Bel Canto DAC-2 is pretty smooth sounding with great bass. Not bright at all. I had this dac and used a $60 dvd player with it as a transport at some point. Excellent sound even with the cheap dvd player. The key is to get a good digital cable though. Virtual Dynamics NiteII was really awesome on this dac. Extremely smooth highs and natural sound top to bottom. To beat the DAC-2 with NiteII cable you'll need to spend twice as much at least.
Was looking at either the Bel Canto or Benchmark if I went that route. Thanks
Benchmark is more digital sounding than Bel Canto. At least it was in my system and several other people I know reported the same.