Tube amps driving low sensitivity speakers

Given a tube amp rated at 100W/ch tetrode mode versus another rated at 100W/ch triode mode (into the same load), say made by the same company, what sonic differences might result when trying to power relatively inefficient, current-hungry speakers like Magnepans ( < 88dB sensitivity)? Even though the triode would probably "sound better", might there be concerns with its ability to drive such speakers (dynamics, bass control, etc.)?
Speaker's impedance counts.
In the case of Maggies, the speaker presents a mostly resistive load of 4 ohms average. Do triode amps in general have lower output impedance than tetrode operation?
It depends on how many output tubes.
Walcott or an OTL design !!
with transformer coupled amplifiers, the transformer is what the speaker 'sees', and the tubes 'see' the transformer also; thus the different circuit topology may affect the "sound" the power transfer should not be effected. Given your illustration, the MFG probably used the same transformer, just took different taps, and the sound will be similar either way.