High Sensitivity, high / flat impedance Speaker Shopping

I am  in the market for a new pair of high sensitivity / high-flat impedance curve speakers with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms or greater. 1st order crossover, highly dampened woofer, etc.

I'm researching Devore Super 9's and Coincident Super Victory III.

Anyone owning or hearing either (or similar), would appreciate your input.

My current speakers are Sonist Concerto 4, Genertaion 2, driven by 30 Watt P/Pull Class "A" (mostly) EL34 (Ars Sonus Filarmonia,  with Jupiur Copper Foil / Bees Wax coupling caps)

Front baffles of speakers are approx 5' from front wall, 9' apart tweeter to tweeter, 3' from side wall (center of tweeter to side wall.  I sit 10 to 12 feet from front baffle of speaker. Opens up to kitchen behind where I sit, about 22 feet to wall behind my seat.  So basically the entire area is 15' wide X 37' long, speakers on the narrower wall (15')

I have purchased a LTA ZOTL 40 Integrated W/ EL34 Mullard tube upgrade. The LTA will be the primary amp in the new set-up.

With exception to Volti, Spatial, Zu, Tekton, PAP, Klipsch (previously considered) Your suggestion of a speaker currently in production would be welcome.




Don’t know what your budget is, but Verity Audio would be really worth a look.  Also 3M, both from Canada and really great speakers. 


Thnxs for the suggestions

Right now I am at $11,500 with the Coincidence



Yeah, take a look at Verity.  One of the five best speakers I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot.  They are one of the few brands I’d categorize as truly special, but at this level you gotta listen for yourself anyway.  Best of luck. 



Which model would you recommend for my size room model. 

Forgot to mention; eight foot ceilings

Brad you may want to look into Daedalus Audio who show with LTA often. Lou’s speakers are high sensitivity and a stable 6 ohm load across the bandwidth. I’m running the Apollo’s set up pretty much the same as yours with the LTA UL. Very happy camper!

Among the very best speakers I’ve heard are Charney Audio speakers.  The models I heard were a bit over your price range, so I don’t know about the sound of the models that are in your target range.  The $17,000 model I particularly liked is not that far off from my own pair of custom speakers whose midrange drivers alone cost nearly $30,000. 
If you can place the speakers closer to the back wall and side walls, Audio Note, Volti, and Klipsch have some model you might like.  I’ve also heard some speakers by Fyne (former Tannoy employees founded company) that might fit the bill.

Hi Brad, you might like the Wolf von Langa SON (https://wolfvonlanga.com/wvl-12639-son.html). It's a flat 8 ohm load across the entire frequency band, 94dB/1watt/1meter, and has a cutting edge field coil driver made in house, in Germany. The tweeter is a true dipole and the loudspeaker sounds remarkably open.


Here's a recent review: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/loudspeaker-reviews/loudspeakers-passive-reviews/wolf-von-langa-son/


Heads up that I import WVL into the States.

Look at the  Reference 3A de Capos  92db pretty flat and very detailed and clean

Not sure what your budget is, but if I’m you I’m giving a hard look at the Verity Audio Otello. Here’s a review that very much jibes with what I heard and bowled me over when I heard the Parsifal. Spoiler alert — the reviewer bought the review pair, and that’s always one of the best recommendations you can get if you think the product works for your tastes and system...


Honestly, I think Verity is one of the most unsung brands here in the USA along with Usher. Anyway, the Otello would be my best recommendation by far if they’re in your budget and are looking for something endgame and truly special.

Legacy aufio is your ticket

The focus at 11k 96db efficient deep bass down to 22hz

Many wood finishes


Advanced drivers made in the usa

Outstanding loudspeakers you can even get the bass drivers with their own amps




gestalt, grinnell, soix, audiotroy

I wrote a lengthy responses in one message to you all. Unfortunatly the system failed to post it correctly. showed it listed after OP. Then after closed and topic reopened failed to list/post it.  (thanks AG).  About an hour of work vanished.

I appreciate everybody's help, and in process of researching some of your suggestions.


Thanks again


Brad, I run LTA separates with Fyne F1 series and the synergy is exceptional. I came from Zu Def/Devore X. 

I searched out Verity but had trouble finding a west coast dealer. They also have tricky bass implementation.

Look at Avantgrade horn speakers! very efficient @ 107db+,  as flat impedance as I have ever measured and sound better than most of the speakers I have ever listened. AvantGrade

The Zeros are at around Euros/U$ 10K.

The Duo are in my opinion the best speakers I own and I have auditioned which include the AvantGrade Uno (coming) , Tannoy Canterbury (auditioned in my house for 3 months), Tannoy Kensington, Wilson Audio Sashaand my 3 favorite Avantgrade Duo Primo XD, Zignali Client 3.18 EVO and Sonus Faber Aida

We have our first pair of Verity speakers coming in tomorrow (new dealer for Verity located in SoCal).  Not sure where you are located  - but you are welcome to audition here or in your home.  The first ones we have coming in are the Otello's - rated at 93dB efficient.


Ken - Cake Audio (Retailer for fine Audio)