Tube amps covers on or off

I just brought myself a new onix sp3. Unfortunately I have to put it at the bottom of my glass rack. This little beast runs a little hot and I am a little afraid that the temper glass may crack eventually with the heat. Is this a stupid concern? If I leave the covers off will the unit run cooler overall?
I have my SP3 on an open cabinet with the covers off because I think it looks better that way. I would think it should run slightly cooler without the covers. If your shelves are adjustable, give it as much breathing room as you can.

Enjoy your SP3. I love mine.


Yeah..I like using tube gear without the covers myself...just has more of the cool factor. You can sit there in front of it at night with the lights off, getting lost in the glow and the music! :-)

Have fun!
anything which might vibrate would be better off removed, regardless of the component. i remov the cover from a cd player and preamp. i use forceed air periodically, to remove dust.

i also use foam and other small anti resonant materials on top of capacitors, resistors and power supplies, when appropriate.
Covers are just to keep fingers safe from burns.
No kids, no pets... no covers.
And they will be cooler.
Definitely with Gmood on this one. Nothing like having a bunch of glowing phalluses in a dark room when you're getting ready to put the moves on a sweet lady.