Tube Amp under $3000 for top end?

I am considering a tube amp for the top end and was looking at the Space-Tech-Lab amps for starters. The company offers many amp/tube options and I was looking at a 40-50 wpc class A output to match my SS Kinergetics KBA-75 class A amp that is around 130 wpc.

Your thoughts and recommendations are appreciated.

Happy Listening.
What speakers you're using?
You might spare $3k to two components: electronic crossover(you may get kit or assembled from and tube amp(OK even with 20Wpc). I'd think of VTL TT25.
I guess you know the proccess that once you've got an electronic crossover, you should remove internal speaker crossover.
In passive bi-amp you may loos tonal balance and get too much extra distortions that are realy audiable and annoying.
My all time favorite amp is the ARC VT130. These are often for sale at $1500-1800 and at 110wpc. They are more than enough for the top end of all but the most inefficient speakers. Unfortunately I sold mine a couple years ago as it was not enough to drive the Maggie Series 3 speakers to levels that I wanted. There is absolutely no reason to spend much more than this on an amp that does the mids and top freqs so very well. It was not a winner in the deep bass dept but in this case, it matters not at all. It only has balanced inputs though which might be an issue. If it is, consider the VT100 or perhaps a Counterpoint amp.