TRL Digital Mod

I bought a Sony SCD595 digital mod from Tube Research Labs. I have enjoyed it over the past five years immensely. One day it stopped reading discs. Got in touch with Paul Weitzel who went through many steps of what could be done and in the end it was decided to send it back to him for repairs. I live overseas, so the wife was gracious enough to put it in her suitcase when she went to visit the grandchildren in LA , sent it to Paul 24 hr. delivery service and the turn around time was exactly one week, back to LA, and on the plane home.
I have been listening for a number of weeks now. Man, did I ever miss this player. Am using HT2-TL speakers by Salksound, and I felt that the music just opened up in the room - deeper, detailed, airy, more spaced. The sound of the instruments is just so distinct, and well distinguished from one another, and a richer deeper sound, as well as involving. Paul must have done some extra mod this time since it sounds even better and more involving then when I first purchased the cd before this past repair.
For those who haven't had the pleasure- Paul is a great guy to work with, so straight forward, and helpful,and generous. He has this habit of sending a (about 5)test cd's along with the mod. He of course sent another batch with the repair - totally unexpected. I know some are his own recordings as he was in the recording business in the past. Some are his own improved versions of discs. What can I tell you. I just put on Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. The reissued version and Paul's test mod that he sent me. My wife who had no idea which we were listening to right away said that Hey - this sounds much better - deeper, and detailed, and each sound felt to her to be more exact. She is far from being an audiophile as I am myself - but innocent ears can be the best way to tell. His own recordings are so lifelike. These free cd's that I got are just a lot of fun and easily stand up to excellent recordings that I bought over the years, if not better.
Anyway - as you can tell I really love doing business with TRL and Paul, and really hope that I will be able to put together the funds for his Dude pre and Samsom amps that have created a buzz on audiogon in the past two years.
I have had the very same experiences with Paul and love his gear. Glad to see you have your music back! I have his modified Sony DVP 900ns with optional battery power supply. I love It and have unmodified units for back up parts as I will always use it!
I have the same TRL Sony SCD595 and agree with your enthusiasms. It BEST the MW Oppo BDP83 in my system ... no contest!

I have a stack of Pauls CD/SACD from all my TRL purchases. Some of his SACDs are just phenomenal and the best I've ever heard.
Ya, I have stacks of his CD's also and some of them are spectacular sounding.....