Triplanar vii - upgrade tonearm and ic wiring

I have a triplanar vii
Gavia Galibier table, Zyx Universe cartridge, Doshi Aalap preamp

It sounds fabulous, very revealing and tonally balanced

Are there upgrade options that take the sound even farther?

Or should I leave a great thing alone
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As you know, you already have a great sounding setup. I know this is true since I have a Galibier Gavia with Triplanar VII and Benz LP and it sounds very nice indeed. Putting aside cartridge issues, which tend to be rather personal, you might want to consider a different tonearm, not that there is anything wrong with the Triplanar but just to try a different type of sound. I recently added an Analog Instruments Siggwan which is a 12" cocobolo arm. It is too early to say how it compares to the Triplanar but the Siggwan is especially easy and fun to listen to.

I am convinced that 12" arms are capable of better tracking. This is my 3rd 12" arm and each one has had cleaner tracking in inner grooves than any of the 9" and 10" arms I've owned. In addition to this sense of ease and composure, the Siggwan is notable for its lack of mechanical colorations. In contrast, the Triplanar has excellent detail but sounds more like a metal or mechanical instrument. It's hard to describe but whatever coloration is responsible for this is missing from the Siggwan.

I see that you have several Doshi pieces so you must like the Doshi sound. I have heard the Doshi gear at RMAF but not in my own system so can't offer any suggestions there.
Another option is to upgrade the Triplanar. I wasn't aware of this until today but Triplanar now has 3 models---the VII-U2 Classic, the VII-U2-SE, and the U-12. Both the SE version and the U-12 have a carbon fiber arm and silver wiring.
The 12" is really nice if you have a 'table that can accept it. The mass of the arm tube is slightly less then that of the original 'classic' Mk7.
I've never heard a Dolshi Alaap in my own home. I know that it is very well liked by those who do own it. But, and this is only if you are in a mood to fiddle, I do know one person who went from a Dolshi Alaap to a Coincident phono/linestage to an EMIA phono stage with TVC, and got happier with each successive move. I am a near neighbor of this person, and I heard his system, which is otherwise very much like yours, at each stage. I personally did not hear much difference between Dolshi and Coincident, but the EMIA with SUT and TVC does have an edge on the other two, IMO. We are not talking about earth-shattering differences here.
I was strictly looking at whether to upgrade the tone arm wiring and cable

Salectric - did you have Thom's tonearm mount mod?
It really brought things into focus and reduced vibration in the arm.
Very nice upgrade
By "tonearm mount mod" do you mean the 2-bolt mounting sled as opposed to the 1-bolt cantilevered armboard? If so, yes, I went to the 2-bolt sled a couple years ago. Right now I have my Siggwan arm on the old 1-bolt armboard while waiting for a longer 2-bolt sled that will fit the 12" Siggwan.