Triplanar madness I tell u, madness


From the first few seconds I knew it was going to be incredible. Triplanar Vll and ZYX UNIverse.

I could not listen to a full song, let alone a full album side.

Maybe I can lower the VTA a little, oh ya, now I need to recheck VTF, but wait, I lost the focus, oh ya, I forgot to re-tighten the VTA adjustment screw, why is there more music coming from the right speaker as opposed to the left, of ya, forgot to re-adjust the anti skate. I gotta go to home depot and get those o-rings. There we go, focus is back. let me check the downforce again. WAIT WAIT WAIT, I only have two hours on the cartridge.

My wife is right.......IDIOT is my petname.

Come On, Come On, when will the 25 hours of play be up. Sh^)^(*, I have to go to sleep. Maybe it will rain tommorrow and I won't be able to go to work (Roofing)

slow down
Word curses over one's life will cause the music to be tainted.

Madness and IDIOT has a bad sound to it. So does Sh^)

Having the gear you have makes me think you are wise and intellegent.

Do you have a restful sleep when going to bed like that?

Get gid of your Pet name,

Slow down and smell the roses.
Yeah, Cuz'. You need to set everything somewhat neutral and just listen for for a while. Let the cartridge and tonearm wires settle in while you learn what this combo sounds like.

If your wife is only calling you IDIOT then you aren't trying hard enough! :-) But that is another issue altogether.
Thanks guys

I will slow down, but it sounds sooooo darn good (no more cursing)

What a pleasure these two pieces are. Even with almost no hours, the sound from my Tom Evans Groove, Placette Passive, Atma-Sphere Ma1 Silvers, and 20 year old ProAc Responce 2 are better than anything I have ever heard, I can't stop listening.

I like my pet name. My wife is Italian, and when she gets made, and her blood gets boiling, everything else turns out great.

I am now smelling the roses, and they look like musical notes.

Thanks most of all to DougDeacon, his tips are extremely insightfull.
Hey cousin,the 25 hours you mention takes at least 50 hours and more like 200.Dont let this bother you , especially when your on a roof.
Have fun

Glad to hear you've got things up and running. What did you do for an armboard?

Don't forget to adjust the VTA on the mattress before you drop off!
Hey Doug

Again, thank you.

I had an old piece to oak door jam in the garage. It's not as hard as Cocobolo, but still quite hard.

Once everything is broke in, I will look at an even harder wood. And if luck is on my side, I will ask Chris to make me one out of cocobolo.

PS. Does anyone know if the Groove or Atma-Sphere invert phase. I had to change my speaker leads to get proper focus. The Tri and UNI are that good that I can tell when something is out.
I am pretty sure that the Groove does not invert phase.
Renounce your path of material acquisition; it only serves to distract you from the real music in your soul. Sustinance comes not from the diamond and the wheel, but from the cadence and flow within us. But, if you fail to see the path of enlightenment, and choose the worldly life instead, the best advice is to beat the crap out of the dealer who sold you all of this junk.
Thank you Viridian

I would beat the crap out of everyone, but Osamu Kitajima (The Source) is now stiring my soul with real music, and forgeting material acquisitions is easy. All I want is more music, and lots of it.

What junk do I need to get rid of?.

My Gyro stirs my visualizing soul. My Atma's stir my warmth needing soul (all those tubes). My Placette stirs my sit in the chair with a remote you haggard neandrathal soul.

Please enlighten me oh mighty one, with thou thoughts of infinite wwhhhiiisssdom

I was married to an Italian once. She was like listening to Heavy Metal music ( I hate HM ) when she was mad. Lots of anger, darkness, violence, screaming, foaming at the mouth etc... you know just like the HM groups. This was no folk music I am sure. She was 220V and in a minor key ( I hate minor keys, depressing ) with an endless note. Like listening to digital playback making you want to run out of the room.

If that is all your wife calls you is an IDIOT you are doing real well.
Loss of focus would occur if one channel is 180 degrees out of phase with respect to the other channel, but probably not if both channels are in-phase with each other, regardless of whether they are also in phase with the music, whatever phase that is.
Thank you Lewm

I will double check my connections
see you got another universe. did you get the copper coils? i really love the one you sold me. If you got the copper coils, what was the difference between the silver coil
Madness? Madness??


sorry, couldn't resist....
Hey Oil Man

I loved the silver. It was the best cartridge I had ever owned. Unfortunately the arm I used it on did not allow easy VTA or Azimuth adjustment.

The Triplanar is so easy to adjust it's incredible. Minor changes even this early show improvement's.

As for the sound, both are fantastic.

What arm are you using?.

Is your Triplanar mounted on a Gyrodec? Am curious coz that's a path I intend to follow someday.
Hello SunnyBoy

I took an old piece of Oak door jam. I used the old Gyrodec round armboard to make a template. I cut an odd shaped piece, no two sides parallel or of the same length. (I think this might help with diffracting any resonances better). First I drilled the holes to mount the board, mounted it, then I used the Triplanar template supplied to drill those holes. There is some play when mounting the arm, so make double sure you have exactly 233.5 mm from spindle to pivot point. Doug Deacon can give you better instructions than I.

Hi Bill,
Many thanks. I have a spare armboard so my task should be a lot easier. What tonearm were you using prior to the Triplanar and are the improvements in multiples of ecstasy!!!? Am ploughing a Rega RB1000 with a Lyra Skala.
i am using the universe on the maplenoll which has an airbearing linear arm that I modified. Great synergy with the universe cartridge. I get mesmerized just listening to the incredible detail this combination gives me