Sony DVD madness.

So when I go to buy a DVP-S7700 my dealer tells me to save my money and buy the CX850 instead. He claims that the 850 came out later and has newer (and better - although he knows that they aren't synonymous) video reproduction technology. Thing is, I don't especially want a 200 disk changer. So I went back to the research drawing board and noticed that there are two single disk Sony solutions (S560 and the shiney S570) as well as 2 five disk options (C660 and C670). Now from what I understand at least some of these came out after the 850, and hence might have some of the newer filters and video DACs. What I want to know is how these six (7700, 850, 670, 660, 570, 560) compare in video reproduction (I'm not too concerned with audio reproduction as I don't tend to critically listen when I'm watching movies - I save it for the music). I'm mostly interested in hearing from people who have auditioned at least two of these as it's a comparison that I'm looking for. TIA.
I recently purchased the 570. Its a toy compared to the DVP-7000 I sold. You get what you pay for
Well said,Shred is correct you get what you pay for.How much better can it get thats a beautful machine the 700.
I have the 7000 and 7700 in my system. I briefly had the S330 and the S560 (for 10 days each) and the audio performance on movies was terrible. Worst was the bass response followed by poor treble and dialogue intelligibility. Note that the 7700 is almost discontinued, expect to pick one up for around $700 brand new. Do not fall for one of those ads stating list of $1400 and asking $750 for used pieces. In my opinion a used piece should cost between $450 and $550 at most.
Thanks all. Shred, when you say toy, are you refering to build quality or video repro? Amrik, how did the video quality compare between the 7700 and the 570? Was the 570 as bad as the 330 in audio repro? This would be easy if you always got what you payed for, but as we all know this is often not the case in the world of consumer electronics.
I have both, the DVP-7000 and the DVP-7700. I use the DVP-7000 for movies and the DVP-7700 for music using a Monarchy 22-A D/A converter. I have used a Pioneer 525 and a Sony S-330, not even close to the DVP-7000 in pic.and sound quality. Mike
I bought the 850 and wish I didn't. Very soon after purchase it had problems tracking some dvds. These were new dvds. The build quality of the box looks good on the outside. But wait until you hear the changer operate. The machine itself sounds terrible when changing cds or dvds. I have found that the convenience of having the machine hold that many discs is no convenience at all. It is too hard to find the one you want without going to a list. Sure you can program it but you would need a 2 week vacation to do it. I am not familiar with the 7000 but it has to be better than this.
The DVD-S7700 IS GREAT FOR MOVIES OKAY FOR 2 CHANNEL LISTENING. DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE 850. DO YOU REALLY NEED 100 DVD CHANGER?. All thoes moving parts. Something has to be taken back for all the added cost;the sound quality. Anyway that is my opinion. At least you have one more vote in DVP-S7700 favor.
X800 is good enough for me. I hate DVD movies with ridiculous previews. Most everything I watch is ripped to a SSD.
Instant access to hundreds of movies.
Quicker and easier to control than On Demand.