Triangle Titus 202 Opinions?

I have recieved much help from many of you in previous threads. I have boiled my search down to the Triangle Titus speakers. But before I go out to buy a pair, I'd like to ask your opinions on these speakers.

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The Titus ES is the current model and it's a really nice speaker. Airy, dynamic, unboxy, fast, gorgeous mids, and respectable lows for its size. It did cellos and quartets very nicely when I auditioned it, but also drums and finger snaps. Depth and soundstage were very good. Efficient too.

That demo was with Copland tube gear. My Dad bought them on the strength of it, to pair with his Linn Classik. He says they're great, but I haven't heard that setup yet.
When I listened to Tituses they were hooked up to a NAD C320 BEE ( first session ) and to Copland tube electronics for the second listen. Needless to say the Coplands made the Tituses sound best. The NAD was surprisingly good, but in a way different price league. It sounded rougher and I knew I would tire of it faster.

It makes me think once more that the old advice is good : make sure your upstream components are higher-res than your downstream ones. The NAD-Titus setup inverted this principle, and so the Tituses didn't sound any better than they had to. The Coplands made them sing.
Like you, I would be interested in hearing the Arro's first on my list. They look good, go great near a wall, don't need a stand, and they put up a nice soundstage. I remember they did strings and voices well and I certainly don't remember any aggression in the highs.
Boy, Beheme, you use a pretty broad brush here.

Tellig was tipsy and under the Gallic charm of the manufacturer, you say? The speakers are hi fidelity over part of their range, sort of like a rotten egg which has good bits in it? And what's wrong with a speaker sounding good with a cheap tube amp?

Nothing against telling it like it is, but could you be a bit more specific?

Robr45, you wrote:
the new Titus ES slipped to class C in the Stereophile rec components list

I have to agree that this only means the manufacturer made significant changes. Stereophile's ratings and rating system have to be taken with a good half shaker of salt. You find this out after you listen to the gear they review, as you have probably discovered. You may disagree with the early high rating as much as you disagree with the current 'C' rating. Remember the much-loved Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rod only got a C rating from Chip Stern.

Also, the ES version of the Titus has become a fair bit more expensive. That brings it into a more demanding class.
Having done some research ( about time I did, blush ) I discover that the Titus ES doesn't compare with the old Titus 202. The ES line's 202 replacement is called the Stella. The new Titus ES is a new speaker. That's what the dealers say, anyway. Certainly the Stella is sized ( and priced ) more like the old Titus.

I listened to the Stella when my Dad chose his Titus ESes and I liked it OK. Next to the Titus, though, it was boxy. The Tituses did a better disappearing act.