Triangle Speakers - Any comments on new series?


Has anyone heard the latest Triangle line of speakers, the ES? I purchased Zerius speakers on closeout last year. Has anyone heard their successor, the Heliades? Also, I have seen a few sellers recently trying to unload Celius 202 at prices I have not seen so low before. Are the new Triangles really that much better? Of course the manufacturer is saying so! Thanks in advance for any feedback.
I currently own the Zerius with a Roksan Caspain Int and YBA CD Special....I was curious how tubes would sound with the Zerius so I went back to my local Triangle dealer to hear the Heliades with tubes. I found that the Heliades didnt sound any better then my current set up. I asked my dealer and he said the new triangles dont work as well with tubes. The older 202's worked quite well with tubes. So it depends on if you use SS or Tubes with the new line if you should upgrade. I would go with the Celius over the Heliades it would be a lot bigger improvement.

What amp and source are you using?
I helped my dad buy a pair of Titus ES a week or so ago. I was very impressed with them. Lovely soundstage, the box pretty much disappeared. Airy, fast, dynamic, with a smooth rich midrange. Very high-class monitor IMO, can take equipment costing much more upstream.
I am still completing my system. I thought I had it set with the Zerius, a 5 year old Audio Analogue Paganini CD player and a Blue Circle CS. I just bought the CD and amp recently off of Audiogon. Another Audiogoner posted a message which got me very curious to hear the Audio Aero Prima integrated. I saw a used one for sale in the past week, so I got that, too! I am going to decide which amp to keep. I need to get speaker cables before I can hear anything. I do not really feel a big need or itch to upgrade speakers. It's just that I have seen the price drop recently on what owners of Celius 202 are asking. The idea of finding a bargain is driving my curiosity, yet I would have to sell my never used Zerius to consider such a move. Thanks for the Heliade update.
Try Poth cables at i have been using them for over a year now and lovem. I use his boo line of cables and prefer them over Kimber 8tc and Analysis Plus oval 12. Read my review on his site.
Hi guys,
news is that the ES series is old and gone
The new King is called Titus EX.(Waaayyy bettter!!!)
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