Transparent XL V speaker cable used for SS amp?

I had am tube amplifier and used a pair of Transparent XL V speakers cables. Now I bought a solid state amplifier and I don't know if my Transparent XL V cables could be used effectively with my new setup. I read somewhere that the tube amps produce more harmonic signals (complex spectrum) than the seminconductor amps. If it is correct, I think I could use the XL V cables without any loss of the signal with the SS amplifier and but no the opposite (XL SS with the tube amp). May you help me?
Vectosa, Transparent will reconfigure the networks of your XL V to XL SS free of charge if you are the original owner which you should definitely do. It makes a big difference. They will want to know your amp and speakers so they can precisely match the impedance. It is much more the differences in input and output impedances between SS and tube equipment that would limit your cable's performance than any inherent "harmonic spectrum" issues of the amps.

You could certainly use XL V with your new amp but you would be limiting its performance.
Thanks Khrys for your prompt & informative answer. Regards.