Transformer issue B&K CS 117?

I have a B&K CS 117 preamp with a bad transformer This appears to be a somewhat common problem. Does anyone know where to go to find one?? Thabnks
I do. I haven't finished fixing mine but I purchased a 12V-
0-12V CT transformer at Radio Shack. I have either a bad cap
or diode on one side that I need to fix before I can see how
the RS transformer does. The Voltage is correct - I can tell
you that . . .

It'll be a couple of months before I can get around to the
The B&K CS 117 is a very nice sounding pre! I own one as well . I wish it had the xlr pre out but i do like ! I run it on the st 120 power with very nice results ! They are both sleepers for sure !
I owed some high end gear costing much more with less results ! Nice tube sound without the tube hasle and musical clean ! Not clinical at all ! Power wise not laud ! 12 x 13 room just does a nice job filling the room no more and no less! The 117 is not gainey like the pro5 and is smoother for sure!! Im listening to some jazz as we speak in bypass mode at about 4 oclock and sounds full , musical and warm ! Thats me though!
Its very hard to tell the difference in bypass mode most of the time! Now with the pro 5 is very gainey and grainy in active and once bypassed it leans towards dark!! I dont care for muck..