Transcendent tn8 vs. atmasphere s 30

Does anyone have experience with either of these otl designs? Compare and contrast. Any info would be most appreciated. Driving reference 3a da capos.


I have owned both. The T8 has a faster, lighter sound, while the S-30 has more weight, a fuller sound. I was using them to drive my Merlin VSM-M. Both worked well but I'd give the nod to the S-30 (despite its weird looking shape, it is long and does not fit well on a rack or stand). In the end, I sold the S-30 to pick up a pair of Atma M-60 MkII and could not be happier. Also, consider using the Zero autoformers to increase the speaker impedance to make it an easier load for the amps.
Write me if you have more questions
Im currently using the S30/decapo combo. I think you will find the S30 very capable in driving the the Decapos without the need for zeros or going for the the M60s.
I have not heard the T8 but Vtvu gave a pretty concise comparison of the two. Transcendant claims the have better bass then other OTL designs.
If you havent listen to an OTL before, regardless of which one you choose, be prepared for something really special.
BTW, dont forget the price difference. I believe the S30 is about $1000 more. For the same money, you could get the T8/GG preamp combo. Something to think about.