Totem vs Audio Physic / Schweikert

Anyone compare the Sttaf to the Virgo, or the Arro to the Yara? Any of the aforementioned to the VS VR2?

Have read good things about all the above, but no shops in the area to demo any, so real tough to figure out what to go with.

The room is smallish (about 18x17, with seating at about 10.5' facing the long wall ), and I'll be using these as the fronts in a home theater setup. Stereo, I listen mostly to classic rock, blues, classical, but in general music collection is extraordinarily diverse. Not a particularly high volume listener.

How does resale value compare on these? I'll be feeding them all digital into solid state, no vinyl or tubes here :-).

I have compared the Arros to Yaras....and can easily say that the Yaras are a different league. But then the price is also $700 more. Heard the Sttaf, but was not that much impressed as compared to Hawks. The Virgos are the best, of the models you mentioned here,but again the price difference is too much between the models and they better sound good for that difference.
I would imagine that to be the case (about the arros vs yaras) - the audio physic speakers I've heard are quite different from 'the norm' shall we say. In a very good way of course.
You resurrected a topic from 7 years back!! I remember those days when I was auditioning loudspeakers like crazy!! With much experience, all I can say is the Totems like real power to show off their best.
Well said Milpai. Totems do indeed come alive with real power.
Milpai - it's okay- this is the internet - NOTHING IS IN REAL TIME...!