Totem subs

Thoughts or comments on Totem subs? Will use will a moderately high efficiency full range. Want to stay in the under $2K range.
The only one worth looking at, in my opinion, is the Storm. It's got tone and exceptional low level resolution, the latter being something of a rarity in the sub world.

Still, if its big volume and ultra low extension you're after, there are other options out there.
Srom was and is the standard bearer along with Vandersteen because they use multi drivers but Totem do as well.Another fast (i.e accurate pitch sub) would be Martin Logan Depth.A spin off company from REL workers is MJ Acoustics.I think I'd spend on a Martin Logan Depth and a Velodyne SVS-1 sub equalizer as those mentioned can benefit from correction as on Velodyne DD series.Yet you'd have more musicality and come in under $2K if you bought used ML,REL Strata, Vandy 2 WQ etc.If bargain hunting Aperion 8 or HSU VTF.But if your not going HT than large single driver is bettered by speed and pitch definition of a multi driver.Good bass is better than "boom in room".You'd like Totem.
I disagree with Rumadian. My Totem Thunder was a very nice a tuneful and taught sub that was easy to integrate with other speakers and a variety of systems (worked exceptionally well with my Totem Forests). It is not a great deal new, but you can find excellent prices on them new. It does not go super low however., I meant you can find good deals on them USED.
I have the Storm and I love it. I replaced my M&K 75 mkII when I heard this sub. Single 8" woofer with dual passive radiator that each tuned to a different frequency. Very powerful and very musical.

The Totem 'Thunder' is a great sub. I don't think I'd ever say anything otherwise. However, does it stand as a great value at full MSRP? No, not really. Heck, you even said it yourself; "It is not a great deal new". This is exactly why I'd encourage anyone interested in looking for a sub to either eyeball the Storm, or to look elsewhere entirely.
I ended up with the Paradigm Sub 12. Liked it better and easy to set up.