Totem Mani-2 and Sim Audio Moon

Anyone had any experience of Moon amplifiers together with Totem Mani-2. Also interested if anyone heard Totems monster integrated together with Totem speakers.
I have a friend of mine that has both the Totem Mani-2's (Signature edition, I believe, but not positive) and either the Moon W5 or 10, again not positive - I know it is the one rated around just under 200 w/ch. - truly euphonic combination, very, very impressive. the Mani-2's are rather difficult to drive, and you need a reasonably stable amp. the Moon fits that to a bill - one caveat though, the Moon must be left on all the time, they take about 3 days to warm up. ( no kidding.) haven't heard the Totem integrated.
Good luck. Don MacMillan. (dbamac)
I heard the Totem integrated ( now discontinued, isn't it? ) with Forests at the Montreal show 3 or 4 years ago. I have heard Mani-2's with the Moon W-5 also. ( This must be the combo Dbamac refers to above. )

I thought both setups were extremely good matches, indeed the W-5 seemed ideal for the Mani-2's. I remember the all-Totem sound of the other setup was transparent and neutral with lots of detail, and very dynamic.

Bryston-Totem is a popular pairing but if I wanted silicon I would go for either of these other 2 setups instead, budget permitting.
Thank´s a lot. I have Dk design now but I think it is a really bad match with my Totem Mani-2.
I have a friend that has the w5 le with martin logan sl3, his sound is very neutral as well as dynamic.I would use very high quality i/c and power cords since both of these pieces are so revealing. I had experience with the DK and found it to be less than stellar, it didn't live up to all it's hype. If you can buy the sim audio le used on the Gon, then, you will have a dream amp in my humble opinion. If you really want to hear the speakers and components then try the Sistrum stands, what they are capable of is truly astonishig for speakers not to mention sources.
AS far as integrateds go, I have heard the Mani-2 with the I5 at my local dealer. Bass is not fully controlled with this combo, however sound is not bad. They were advised by Totem that the I7 will control this speaker better.
I will wait for the I-7 to come and I will check that and w5 plus the monster integrated that is made for Totem by Sim audio.
I had the Mani-2 with the W5 years ago & was very happy with it, especially with rock recordings. The Mani-2s need a good ss amp to be happy. I tried with a VK-60 & the sound was anemic to say the least.
Has anyone heard this combo with the new bryston 4bsst2 and if so how well does it work . thanks