Totem Forrest with Shanling 50watt Tube Monos?

I am considering the totem forrests with the following system. Do you guys think I will have enough power to drive them properly?

Shanling SCD T200 Source
Blue circle 21.1 Preamp
Shanling SP80 Monos (modified 50wpc tube)

thanks for your comments
Agreed. I have a lot of experience with Totem and those Forests like very good high power tube amps (try the Rogue monoblocks for example) or solid state steam. I was most impressed with the new PS Audio GCC-250 control integrated amp with the Forests, as well as the TACT Audio digital integrated amps. Nice combo.

Those Forests are tough to beat at any price. Just run them sufficiently and they will never dissapoint.

Hi - Yes, I had a setup last year with my Totem Forest and a pair of Rogue Mono blocks. The Rogues have only a bit more power than the 50w you are considering, but it means all the difference in world. They imaged very well and sounded extrremely musical. I was very pleased with that setup. I'm presently using the Forest in another solid state system. Regrettably, the Rogues are gone. :(
I would like to buy the Totem Forest and the Simaudio Moon I-3 100w. Do you think that the I-3 have enough power to drive the Forest?
I matched Forest with Simaudio moon I-5.
It's so so, just overpowered.

I could be comfortable after I gave Forest Cayin A88T.
Wonderful midrange and good/deep bass.
It's stunning, don't miss this setup.
overpowered? Is it possible? I allways thinking that more power do a better sound, but if your amp is to powerfull you have to not push the volume to high. Am i right?