Totem Forrest or Vandersteen 3A Sig?

I'm having a tough time chooing between these two speakers. I've owned the 2CE Signatures recently, but don't have a Totem dealer anywhere near me to audition the Forrest. I would like greater upper extension and detail than the 2CE's provide and don't know if electronics or cabling would compensate if I purchased the 3A's. My current amp is an Aragon 8002 and preamp is an Aragon 24K. I'm also in need of a better CD player than my Pioneer DV45A. I think it's too warm. My listening room runs into the entry way and dining room, so its a total of 26' in length, 15' in width, and has a 14' ceiling.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
I'm the happy owner of Forrest and I did audition 3A. In fact I like them both but 3A is not great for near-field and requires much larger space than Forrest. Becides Forrest does not compromise in "size" of sound to 3A despite being quite small and deliver it much more dynamic and faster. Vandys at the same time sound more musical and worm.
I would doubt if you'd get larger upper extention than 3A or even maybe 2CE known for very high upper-end resolution upto 26kHz v.s. Forrest's 20kHz, but the bass is definitely more controlled and deep.
Go with the 3A Signature. The 3A is just a little bit better than the 2ce Sigs. The 3A Signature is in another league. It has to be set up correctly but when done and with the right electronics, it is special.
Seems like you're at opposite ends of the pole- hard to compare the Forrest/3A sig they are very different form eah other. I have'nt heard the 3A's in a while but thought they sounds like bigger & better 2ce's. I've replaced my 2ce's with the Forrests. At first I was a little dissapointed with the Forests but I've come to love the Forests in my system very much. Very diferent listening experience. More like sushi or noveau cuisine as opposed to meat loaf or beef stew. MAJOR improvement over the 2ce's- Faster, cleaner all around. higher highs, more forward, better imaging , soundstage, etc. If you like the laid back Vandy sound and have the room, the 3A's may be to your liking. Best to hear the Forests - A real departure from the Vandy sound..
Thanks for the repsonses! I am unable to audition either of two speakers in my area, so any purchase is a unheard one. I realize the 2 speakers are vastly different, but I'm thinking I may overall favor a more forward presentation.
Then you'll like the Forest's forward presentation. The 3a is more forward than the 2ce. I can't imagine making a purchase without hearing either speaker. And your amps can make the difference - if you're ever onthe east coast- you can stop in to listen....
If you will get a chance to visit any CES arround just visit both rooms for Totems and Vandersteens and you'll realize how smaller gets bigger...
You like the Vandersteens but would like greater upper extension and more detail. With that in mind may I suggest Thiels.