Totem Dreamcatcher vs. Arro

I Currently have a pair of Dreamcatchers that I am using in a 2 channel setup. They have really impressed me. I was originally thinking of getting a pair of Arros, but found the Dreamcatchers first and bought them to hold me over until I found some Arros. I must say that I'm so impressed with the DCs that I'm not sure if I should buy the Arros now.

I think the mid is the same on both and the DC use an MB Quart tweeter. What are the differences sound wise between the two? Is an upgrade would be worth it?
Arros are fairly inexpensive on the used market. Why not "buy-and-try" a pair and compare them to your Dreamcatchers?

Keep what you like and sell the others for little loss, if any.

You're the best judge of what sounds best to you.
I haven't compared the specs of the speakers, but my Dad has the Dreamcatchers and I have the Arros. IMHO the Arros sound substantially better. YMMV
As I own both DC & Arro's currently, here's my opinion.

Obviously, they have similar tone as they compatible for HT applications and tone & imaging is where I think the Arro's really shine.

Arros are indeed superior because they are fuller sounding due to larger cabinet size, but most of all because Arros have a soft dome tweeter the highs are ever so more delicate & smoother sounding.