Top Luxman integrated - 509u or 590Aii?

The Luxman integrated amps are highly regarded. Their two top models are similarly priced, though they differ in that the 590Aii is 30 wpc pure class A, and the 509u is 120 wpc class AB.

The class A 590Aii amps are supposed to sound great, but they run very hot and are inefficient.

The class AB 509u amps are powerful and more efficient, and they also apparently sound good.

I have auditioned the 550Aii (20 wpc pure class A), and it sounded wonderful. It is the only Luxman integrated on display in my city.

I am confused as to which would be the better choice, the 509u or the 590Aii?


IF you can drive your speakers adequately in the Class A amp's power envelope and your listening skills are developed sufficiently to hear the subtleties brought by Class A amps, and you are actually paying attention to those subtleties, then a Class A amps is a no-brainer. The best SS amp I ever owned was a low power Class A amp.

BUT usually the difference between a Class A amp and a Class A/B amp attributable to the difference in class alone, sonically speaking, is not great and can be dwarfed by the selection of other components in your system including some ancillaries, so buying Class A amps usually is profitable only if you take as much care in selecting other stuff, including room and set up considerations.

There is a thread talking about luxman amps that may be of interest for you :
Hope this helps.
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I am considering one of these integrated amps with a very high quality cdp and speakers (Verity Audio) that are relatively easy to drive.

The real question should be - is there much of a real world difference sonically between the 509u and the 590Aii?

For any easy to drive speaker, is it a flip of the coin between them, or is there an advantage (sonically) with the class A amp (590Aii).


pick the speakers first, then match to the amp. i found class a accuphase components to be no more 'real' sounding than their a/b counterparts.
If you have only one (digital) source, I'd like to recommend that you include the Luxman MQ-88 in your considerations.
If you keep reading these posts you'll stay very confused.
Eventually only you can pull the trigger.
Good luck!
"These posts" do help when you have to consider components sight unseen. "Pulling the trigger" would otherwise be a shot in the dark.

Thanks to all for shedding some light on my confusion.


Just to shed a little darkness your way,theres a Sansui G99x for sale here[no aff] that will come close to being the equal of these Luxman's you mention.And best of all its 500$.Good luck,Bob
I agree with newbee's notes above... a Class A amp brings a different presentation (more musical IMO) where even one can be fooled of hearing a SS or a Tubed design (this happened to me when I had a Gryphon Anthileon amp)

But... speakers play a major role on not having the sense of lacking of additional drive and dynamics... I am not familiar with your Verity speakers so I can't comment there, I drove a quite easy load with Avalon while I had the Gryphon and reached a nice level of music reproduction.

I auditioned Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation speakers yesterday driven by a 20 wpc pure class A Luxman integrated amp. What a wonderfully musically satisfying experience!

I am now convinced that the more powerful 30 wpc Luxman 590Aii would be the right choice.


I have been enjoying the Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations for several months now, driven by the Luxman 509u integratd amp and Luxmn D-06 cdp. As a system it sounds wonderful, and the electronics match well with the speakers.

I enjoy classical music (piano, chamber) and jazz. I listen to a lot of solo piano, and I often feel like there is an actual Steinway D playing live in front of me.

Interestingly Redbook can sound as good as SACD to me when it is well recorded. Some Chandos and Hyperion recordings from the early 90's sound superb.

To be honest, I have stopped listening to the equipment and worrying about individual components. I now lose myself in the music and thirst to hear more. This is a system that conveys the essence of well played music.
It seems this is a common dilemma with those interested in the Luxman integrated amps, whether it be the 509/590 or the 505/550, few have heard both. I purchased the 590A II back in January and like you I am very pleased. Between the 509 and 590, functionally there are trade-offs both ways, such as, the 509 lacks a remote, this is a big deal to me; for the 590, as you state, it runs hot and for some 30 watts isn't enough, although it is a very powerful 30 watts. I was specifically looking to go Class A.

In talking with the dealer I purchased mine from and asking about the differences between the A and A/B units, he feels it depends on the speakers one uses.
If you have efficient speaker I would go for the 590Aii. But what is the reason you have chosen for Luxman?
It's up to your music taste! 509U is strong and musical, 590AII is sweet and smooth. I have used many SS and found that Luxman 509U is the best SS sounding (under 5k) !