TOOL available in 24/96

I know there are some Tool fans out here. The news came out that their music is available on streaming services, but no one has mentioned their availability as hi-res files via hdtracks (that I saw).

I managed to download them and listen to a few tracks before work. I'm really impressed with what I heard. 

Has anyone else given the 24/96 versions a listen?
I did say a few hours ago that they were finally available to stream on Qobuz hirez in my streaming thread.

But great to hear some fellow Tool fans around!
I'm going to need to look into that. I'm currently listening to lossless rips from CD. 

I also got a kick out of how fast every Tool album filled up iTune and Apple Music top 10. 

I was comparing to the lossless rips I have (still have my original CD's purchased when the albums came out). I really enjoyed the hi-res versions more. Let me know what you think.
This is awesome.  I'm listening on Qobuz.  I had to go outside and see if my neighbor was home so I could crank it up!