Tonearms With Horizontal Cable Exit

Other than the Grahams, can anyone think of tonearms where the tonearm exits the arm stub at right angles to it (horizontally)?

Machining an elegant Galibier Armboard for a Graham is a complex solution and removes a lot of metal.

I am loathe to make our armboard blanks to this standard, merely to accommodate one tonearm, but rather to continue to do this on a one-off basis for the Graham.

Thom @ Galibier
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The SME arms have cable that exit that same way.
Technics EPA Series arms do, but they are also way different from other tonearms because the hole to mount them is extremely large.
Thom, check with Cardas. I believe they offer a right-angle 5-wire connector for tonearms. I know someone does.

And while Mosin normally offers excellent advice, my EPA-100 has the cable plug straight out the bottom (vertical), just like most other arms.
My Technics EPA-500 tonearm has RCA jacks that exit at a right angle, not a DIN but RCA jacks. Forgot about that one, but they are pretty hard to find nowadays.
I stand corrected. It has been awhile since I owned an EPA-100.
the epa 100 mk2 has a horizontal rca exit, like the 500 series; the mk1 has a 5 pin din terminal, I believe, and exits vertically (like Pryso said)