Tonearm conclusions keep coming up Rega ???????

It seems as I decide to spend around a $1000.00 or so not much more, new or used, but nothing vintage, everything basically comes up Rega, and of course it's off shoots, Michell and Origin. If that's the case, is a modded OEM 250 the best bet, or the OL Silver or OL 250, Michell Techno arm. What else am I missing, VPI 9(which you never see used) but have seen them new for $800 new,or SME 309 or the like, anything else ? I have an older Audioquest now, I see a lot of Jelcos around right now, and I even still see Graham Robins new.

This is going to go on a VPI HW-19 for now, but also for a future turntable upgrade such as another VPI, Sota, etc...
I recently upgraded to one of these ClearAudio Satisfy arms and am much happier with it than my Rega, which was a Cardas re-wired (Brit Audio) with an Origin Live structural mod (aka heavyweight with new stub). The ClearAudio is a Rega drop in mount. (I do not know the seller)

If you do go with a Rega, get the VTAF for it. One of the issues with the Rega IMHO is the mounting. The VTAF solves this(though at a cost$). Also, though I haven't used one, I think the Michel counterweight is superior to the others that simply fasten using a set screw. Those are a pain to set tracking force, and I believe the Michel, and possibly others have a "dial-in" mechanism.
I've used both the RB300 w/full Origin Live mods as well as the Origin Live Silver MKll on my VPI HW-19 MK lV table with Clear Audio Virtuoso Wood cart and like the Silver much better. A used one could be had for around $700. According to Origin Live a moded RB250 is better than a moded RB300. I don't know how it stacks up to the Silver.
BTW, before they were discontinued, Vpi was selling some HW-19 tables with moded Rega arms.
If you do decide to go with a Rega type arm on a HW-19 table, I highly recommend VPI's VTA adjustment collar. Origin Live also makes a similar
collar if VPI's is no longer available.
Good luck
Thanks for the info so far. But does anybody buy VPI JMW 9 arms outright and install them on other brand tables, as I never see that ? I know the "9" will fit the HW-19, but not sure of what else it will fit to be used at a later date on another brand table. I have read for instance because of dimensions and other reasons the VPI arms won't fit many of the Sota and a few other armboards.
Has anyone compared the various Rega variants?
1) Michell Technoarm
2) Origin Live modded rb250
3) Audio Origami modded rb250