tired of "giant killer tube amp"

Have any of you gone from SS to Tubes back to SS. I switched from my entry level Mac integrated to a Prima Luna tube integrated amp a year and a half ago. When I made the switch I couldn't believe how much better the Prima Luna sounded. Long story short.....I have been listening to my original Mac setup a lot lately in my second home. To be honest I think I like the Mac system better now. Although I still agree the sound in the Prima Luna may sound "better" in most cases...the Mac has won me over for the total package of simplicity, killer built in phone stage, and build quality. Have any you true audiophiles switched to a more simple system that maybe does not quite have the best possible sound?
i have a beautiful mac tube combo(C22-II/MC275-II)which i'm sure i'll always keep, but i spend most of my listening time with a revox S25 integrated....it just sounds 'right', has a remote, and the phono board is killer.....it was so cool, i tracked down a second one which is still new in the box....yes I'm insane.
Actually, the Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver that I use in my Home Theater system is pretty impressive. It is probably my most linear sounding (best balanced) system and provides terrific musical sound as well as bombastic dynamics when called for. I don't know how Onkyo can offer it for such a low price. It has great bass, natural mids, and silky smooth highs that are never irritating.

But I do have the PrimaLuna Dialogue Two and the NuForce Ref 9V2 SE amps in other systems, which are very impressive and captivating in their own ways...
Are the sytems identical?
better is better, that's why they call it that