Time to upgrade or no

I'm using a Pangea ac9 mkll power cord on my 2 channel b&k.I was looking into a morrow map2 power cord as a upgrade would this be a worth while venture?
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The different cord might be an upgrade. Hard to say.          
I use Pangea power cords. I found the Pangea AC14XL to be worthwhile upgrade for my amp even though it is only 14 gauge, over the previous Pangea AC9SE mkII Signature.         
Right now the Pangea XL are on sale too. About 20% off the usual price.(they have been on sale for a few months already.. so no rush needed.)
What is your budget for a PC? I can’t speak to the Morrow cable, but at this price point the Pangea AC14XL is very good (I own one) and more revealing than the AC-9 variants. Once you move up to the next level in price and performance, you really start to hear the difference in SQ. A better sense of realism, increased detail, micro-dynamics, and imaging are presented. Also, the differences in sonic signature between manufacturers is easily realised. Audience, Furutech, Shunyata, Tara Labs, just to name a few, offer a significant upgrade in sonics and are  available used in the classifieds.

Morrow is worth a try; I believe they offer a trial period.
In addition to Pangea, at the budget level of good aftermarket cables are Cullen and Signal Cables which offer return policies. Plus, Wireworld offers some affordable cables that IMO are vastly superior.

Looking at around $200 
i have a b&k 7 channel that I use for ht that I'm going to move the ac9 on that amp.lookin for the best cable for the price and sound.
The ac9 is like a tow cable and it's so heavy to plug in on a stand of any height.
If you have some vertical thing. like the support tube of the stand... You can zip tie the Pangea to the stand, say halfway down. just above a shelf.. . The zip tie supports the weight of the heavy cord. so then the IEC can just stay in place. I zip tie ALL my AC cords to the screen in the center back of my component stand.
Please explain; what is the power rating of the 2 channel amp and also the 7 channel. This info will help find a matching PC for each amp.

Audio. Amplifier Output Details. 140 Watt - 8 Ohm - at 1 kHz - THD 0.09% - 2 channels (main) 185 Watt - 4 Ohm - at 1 kHz - THD 0.09% - 2 channels (main) Response Bandwidth. 5 - 45000 Hz. Signal-To-Noise Ratio. 95 dB. Total Harmonic Distortion. 0.09 %

This is for the 2 and 7 channel
So, you don't have a mega-amp which needs a heavy gauge power cable. Your Pangea is 7-awg I believe. 10 or 12awg would be adequate for your amps as long as they are  low resistance. 14 gauge is typically used on source components since they have a low current draw.
I don’t need the best just something that’s going to work with what I have that Pangea is like a tow rope I think it’s 2 meters and really really heavy.i would like to either sell it and buy something else or move it to the 7 channel
That Pangea is overkill for you; its typically used on very large high current amps. Try and sell it.

PS Audio PerfectWave AC-5... very good for a power amp

Try the Morrow map2, it has very good user reviews.


Wireworld Electra.. low-noise with a black background
Only 12 gauge, but the Electra would be a real upgrade for the 2 channel amp.

I went ahead and bought the morrow map 2 pc
i wanna give marrow a try
Get a Purist cable or get nothing as its much better.
What it the best way to break in this cable do u have to run it through a amp or something with just white noise signal
I have a apc15 power conditioner which has a stock power cable if I moved the Pangea over to that would it make a difference?

I would ’break in’ the Morrow on the power conditioner for a few weeks then swap them. Morrow on amp Pangea on conditioner. That will also let you hear any differences between them.                           
I have gone back and forth with a few different power cords on several components finding just the right spot for each.                    
Took awhile to find the right spot for my 4 meter Pangea AC9SE mk2 Signature. but finally it found a home powering my Rudistor RPX33 mkII headphone amp. (theory is interesting, but nothing beats actually trying.. Who would claim theory sez' put a big fat powercord on a little headphone amp??? Sound is just right!)
The 4 meter 12 gauge DH Lab wire with Furutech '28' plugs is home on the Conrad Johnson ACT2And I am back to the Pangea AC14XL on the Bryston 4B-SST² Took the DH Labs I had there and stuck it to the Furman REF20. All seems well sorted.            
SO I say do not be afraid to swap power cords around and LISTEN.
Well here is the plan I have about 35 hours break in on the map2 right now going to use that on the b&k 2 channel.im going to move the Pangea ac9 on the conditioner and get it a listen.thanks for the help and advise.