time for amp upgrade

First, I would like to thank member for great advise from my last post. I have done some upgrade since my last post and it was a huge improvement. Now I think it is time for an amp upgrade. I am looking at following ss amps.

krell 300/400cx
levinson 432
pass labs x350.5
Any other suggestions for well-matched systems would be appreciated.

current system
wadia 302
shunyata diamondback
audio research ls25 mk2
nordost red dawn xlr
krell showcase pre/pro
krell kav3250
adcom 5400
wilson sophia
transparent ultra mm s/c
wilson cub II(as center)
snell sr30 surround speakers
equitech 1.5q
shunyata python.
Sim Audio W-5, W-5LE, W-8
what is the sensitivity of your speakers?
they are 89 db.
Mccormack DNA 500
Of the list you mentioned my first choice would be for the Pass Labs. I have owned a couple of Krell amps (FPB 200; FPB 700cx) which are very good amps. I just like what Pass is doing right now, better than what Krell is building.

The new generation Pass Labs amps go back to the minimal gain stage circuitry of earlier amps, but with the higher power of the later models. The earlier amps were praised for their purity. The newer amps were roundly praised for their power and dynamics. The latest amps have the best of both worlds.

Don't take anyone's word for it, find out for yourself, it's your money and your ears...

Everything I don't like sucks!
Dont forget the Ayre V-5x. It would drive those speakers lovingly!
I like Nrchy statement," Don't take anyone's word", but use your own ear's with your gear in a home audtion. I went through a audtion process that included ML, Boulder, VTL, Antique Labs, and finally replaced my Pass Labs Aleph 1's with an Edge NL-10 for a couple of years with great sonic pleasure. Untill, I heard the Pass Labs X-350.5 which is the most gratifying amp I have ever had in my system. I wrote a reveiw here on the GON on the 350.5 which might be helpful to you. It's a great amp and might be a great fit with your gear and your personnal taste. Good luck, start audtioning, and tell us about what your ear's tell you.
I would second the Edge Electronics amp lineup, the NL or the G series. I have not heard the Pass Labs 350.5 so I am not sure what I maybe missing.

With a sensitivity of 89 dB, the more power you can afford the better. I am running planars with similar sensitivity and I tried to get the most power I could afford.
I second Artg nomination of the Ayre,most impressive,Bob
I would stay with a balanced amp. Here is a world-class one:

I would buy it myself if I had the scratch.
my favorite SS amp on my Sophias was the Halcro stereo unit

i ended up opting for BAT tubes though
If you can possibly manage it, you should attend the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver July 30, Oct 1 and 2.

I too would suggest a demo of the Ayre V-5xe. It's 150W rating seems modest. I'm using 85db monitors and the Ayre handles them with ease. I think there's a reason you don't often see them for sale.. Nrchys next to last sentence pretty much sums it up though :)
I would highly recommend any of the Symphonic Line.
They are outstanding and truly Musical with also nice bottom end as well, plus very smooth at top end with awesome mids.