Tidal HiFi via Bowers and Wilkins BMW

I just ordered BMW X5 with a Bowers and Wilkins system. Is it possible to stream tidal hifi via an iPhone 6s over bluetooth to my system without a loss? If this is not possible, would a USB to lighting preserve the hi Res signal?
What about Apple car play? Is there a way to verify signal quality ?
  Is there a better way to maximize a high end  car audio? 
Tear out the system, install a new system with an intel or raspberry pi Roon server and music loaded on it.   

Buy a Tesla.  Then you can stream 44.1 files directly from Tidal, which was a software update they gave to all Teslas a few months ago.   Then the horrible compression that bluetooth does to your iPhone music files will not translate that noise into your great sound system.