THX type speakers vs. traditional music speakers

I'm in the process of doing a room from scratch and want to do it right. I am starting from the ground up and plan on building an exceptional acoustically sound room, and would like to do the equipment right for my needs, starting with the right speakers! I've read a few postings on the benefits and experiences people have had with THX type speakers, and would like some input on what people think of these vs. traditional stereo music speakers and similar?
I have read way more reviews on more of the main stream popular music speakers that people seem to using to do both movies and music, and rarely hear people talking about their THX speakers they like so much. I know Lucas Film is a big advocate of their THX designed speakers for listening to movies with in home environments, but sounds like music might be tricky with them, even with better sounding models.
Will I have to use other speakers for my music if I chose THX speakers for my movies? Or should I consider somewhat of compromise or "in between" kind of speaker to do both? I'm confused a bit. Also, what do THX speakers do that seem to have people either hating em or loving em? It does seem that most of the stereo mag writers have 2 different systems, one for movies and one for music. Maybe this is the ticket? I've only heard THX speakers a few times at local shops, but don't have that much experience. Any input?
As you may well have found out by now..THX is just a mimimal set of specs(critera). It does set some minimums that are a good thing. However,just because a given speaker has no stinking "badge"--as in THX approval; it says nothing about how said speaker performs.--Unless it was rejected.I'm sure the marketing of an unknown speaker is helped by having such a badge.--- The good speakers aren't hurt;just because they weren't submitted,and have no such badge. I think it is a good tool for entry level speakers and entry level users of speakers. Not everybody comes here to learn;some are less passionate.
For THX type, read THX hype. THX, like others, may come and go. But a good speaker is a good speaker (label or no label) - and that lasts!