Threshold T3 vs. Adcom GFP-750


Both Nelson Pass designs. T3 costs a little more. Associated equipment are NHT XDa 2.1, squeezebox duet, and Sony C222es

I'm currently using a Primare Pre30 which is a little bright for my taste

Although, the GFP-750 was designed by Nelson Pass, the T3 was not. The T3 is a scale down version of the T2 designed by Michael Bladelius, who I believe also had a hand in designing the Primare Pre30. I'm surprised to hear that the Pre30 is a little bright. What are you using as a power amp?
Yes, the people at Primare were also surprised that it sounds bright, but it does!

Thanks for the info, I was clearly under the wrong impression! A search has revealed that the PRE30 was the first machine Bladelius designed for Primare.

My amp is the NHT XDa unit that is part of the XDs system. (bi-amped PowerPhysics Class D amps with digital equalization by DEQX). review is here:

I'm sure that the amp/speakers are generating some of the brightness, so I need something to tame that just a bit.

Do you think the T3 will sound much like the Primare? I've been told the Adcom might be a good choice, but I've read that it can be a bit bright as well.

I'm not sure if the T3 and Pre30 would sound much alike. I do know that Primare recommends combining their components together for best results. Primare also told me their electronics would match well with Threshold's T series stuff, since the T series were designed by Bladelius, also. I'm not sure about the GFP-750 being bright, but I do know it's highly regarded by many, and was rated class A by stereophile. Have you thought about going with a tube preamp or trying different cables to tame your system?

I've thought about both of those options as well. Constraints have made it a bit difficult to find something for either solution. I think the amp really benefits from balanced input, and I want something with a remote for around $1k or less. As I know very little about balanced cables, I have no idea which ones might help (if any). Do you have suggestions? If I can keep the primare, I'd be happy to, it's a beautiful machine.
I also have a Primare Pre-30, but I dont find it to be Bright. I would say that its a lil on the Warm side!
I run my Pre-30 balanced with Odyssey S.E. Mono-Blocs.

I also had the Adcom 750, I would say that its Neutral in
both passive and Active modes. In the Active mode the 750
is very punchy with good bass!