Threshold T-400 versus Krell KSA-150

Hello all. For those who have heard both of these fine vintage amps, would you please briefly compare/contrast their sonic signatures. Please note, I am not asking for specific recommendations, simply listening impressions of each.

The T400 was the "least good" sounding og the T series amps from Threshold which also included the T200 and the T800 which were great sounding amps, the T800 was actually two T200 in the same box and both bridged, excellent performer. I owned a pair of T400 while back when and the sound was best described as "grainy", I also owned a pair of T800 which I thought was excellent. I believe that the T series Amplifiers all had similar circuit topology and in the strive for more watts the devices were driven above their "sweet spot"
From memory I ran the T400 bridged and the T800 as vertical bi-amped.

The same was true for Thresholds budget issue The Forte amps the Model 4 with 50WPC and I think it was the model 6 with 200WPC both with same topology but the model 4 sounding superior to the model 6 - probably for the same reason as described above.

I have little experience with Krell amps.

Good Listening