Threshold SA/3 versus Krell KSA 50S

Hello all. For those who have heard both of these fine vintage amps, would you please briefly compare/contrast their sonic signatures. Please note, I am not asking for specific recommendations, simply listening impressions of each.


I haven't heard the Threshold, but I did have a Krell KSA-50S and KRC-3 preamp for nine years.

One day I was in a stereo shop and noticed how much more real the cymbals sounded with a Musical Fidelity A308cr amp. I questioned the salesman about the difference and he told me that the KSA-50S was known to have a dark sound, and that was the difference I was hearing.

My 50s had rolled off top end as well. Very powerful sounding though for a 50 wpc amp.
I preferred the SA/3 over the Krell. Seemed more natural.