Thoughts on Manley Stingray?

I'm thinking of buying a Manley Stingray integrated tube amp (to go with a pair of Audio Physic Sparks). What do people think of them? (I listen to a lot of vintage soul, gospel, R&B, jazz and a fair amt of vinyl, although mostly CD's.)

Anyone have thoughts on whether this is a good integrated for me and how much should I pay for one? (Prepared to buy used.) Or, other recommended integrated tube amps?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.
I owned one for a while and it was very solid. It had a very nice tone, exceptional really. What it did really good too, was to focus in on intruments very nicely. Everything had a nice glow (glow is too strong a word) but it sounded neutral at the same time. The only downside was it was lacking (a little)in resolution and I thought the very low bass was a little thick. I was using it on Maggies so it ran out of power, but it did great considering it had only fifty watts and the Maggies are 86 db into 4 OHMs. I also had a problem with the selector switch getting distortion and sent it in to be repaired, after being only 5 months old. I sold it for $1350.

Bottom line a very big thumbs up especially for your tastes. I do not know what the Audio Physics speakers are rated at but if you do not need it too loud I bet you will be very happy.
I'm thinking about mono-block version of Manley Stingray but I do not remember the model name. I'm wishing to use them to biamp for upper and mids. Sparks should not create a problem for Stingray since they're 89dB/W efficient.
I would go for a Cary SLI-80 used for $1750.My freind bought one recenlty and it blew away the CJ of recent vintage he replaced.I can't remeber if the sparks have bi-wire but if they do then a VTL intergrated or a Rogue would be next choice as they have companion 60 watt power amps to let you laterally bi-amp.I am sure the Stingray is a fine (and great looking piece) but of all the integrated tubes out there the Cary by most accounts has most power/quality/features for the buck out there even if your up front cost is more.Rogue and VTL I think would be the way looking ahead where I would go if I had room that would allow bi-amping.Lastly seems to be a number of VAC Avatars out there used for $2K.I heard one with NOS running some Revel M20's at a buddies and it sounded great.