Thoughts for a system for 5000

A friend of mine wants to put a system together for his new house and is willing to spend around $5000 for new or used components. He will listen mostly to CD but wants a turntable at a later date. Music will be jazz, latin, and rock. He prefers a slightly warm sound over analytical. Any opinions will be appreciated.
Go with Rogue tube gear, Soliloquy 5.0 or pick up the Tyler Reference monitors. That will get him started at $2500-$3000 + cd player. Can also add a sub for the rock and latin stuff. Look at Hsu for best bang for the buck.
Have your friend look up my current system under the "Virtual Systems" heading. I put the entire system together for approx. $5000.00 and it sounds just wonderful.
Also, it should be mentioned that the McIntosh preamp has
a very good MM phono section; so adding a turntable later on
will be easily done.
Check the recent thread "Best System for the Budding Audiophile."
I would...: Pass Aleph 03 amp $900-1200
Resolution Audio 50 (CD with volume control no need for pre) $1500
Reference 3A MM De Capo $1500-1800 monitors
Discovery 1-2-3 $150
Kimber PBJ $50
Amplifier: One of the very best ss amps is the Odyssey Stratos for $995. check out the reviews at

Preamp: look at Odyssey's Tempest preamp for $995 also.

CD player: Sony DVP s9000es. Excellent for SACD/cd/dvd at $800.

Speakers: A pair of used Aerial Model 5 or similar monitors for less than $1000.

Subwoofer: Used Bag End Infrasub 18 inch or Triad Platinum 18 inch sub for $800.

Cabling: Used Harmonic Technology Pro Silway Mk II interconnectst and a pair of Pro 11 speaker cables for about $700.

For $5300 and a few dedicated circuits/lines, this would be a very nicely detailed and powerful musical system where one could enjoy watching an occassional movie as well.

My system:

Stan Warren Mod Sony 9000ES DVD/SACD player......$1300
Plinius 8200 integrated amp used.................$1800
Magnepan 1.6QR used..............................$1100
Homegrown audio IC used..........................$100
Homegrown audio Spk Cable used...................$350
DIY powercords...................................$100

Grand Total......................................$4750

Too bad I'm not in the market for a system right now. I seem to be content with what I already assembled so far. All I am going to do is add an analog/vinyl playback system, an SACD Player, a subwoofer, and will attempt to build an equipment rack myself. After all of that is done, I won't be planning any equipment purchases for the forseeable future. But needless to say, my system is in the same price catagory as your system is (mines is almost $7,000.00......... but that's because I have more components in my system as well. But now, if you take away my tuner, my CD Changer, and my cassette deck (and the interconnects needed to connect them to the audio system), then what I basically have is a $5,000.00 system myself). But now, if I were to assemble an audio system for myself today, here's the way I would go about it.

Speaker System: Aerial Model 5 (just like Stehno has stated) -- about $1,000.00 (used).
Integrated Amplifier: Classe CAP-150 -- about $2,000.00 (new).
SACD/CD Player: Marantz 8260 SACD Player -- about $1,050.00 (new).

Interconnects: MITerminator 2 -- about $120.00 (new).
Speaker Cable: MITerminator 2 -- about $200.00 (or more if you decide to bi-wire) (new).
Power Cords: I would opt for Cardas -- $400.00 (new).

Total Price: $4,770.00

And then later on, you can add the following:

Subwoofer: REL Q150 -- $1,000.00 (new).
Phono Stage : Monolithic PS-1 + HC-1 -- $658.00 (new).
Turntable/Arm System: Rega Planar 25 -- $1,200.00 (new).
Phono Cartridge: Grado Reference Platinum -- $300.00 (new).
Power Conditioner/Surge Suppressor -- Monster Cable HTS2500 -- $300.00 (new).

If put together as a system, then in my humble opinion, this will be a system that no one needs to make any apologies for, and that no one will hardly sneeze at.

Good Luck.