thinking selling anthem statement p5 ideas?

If you have been following my last few threads i have questions about pre amps and amps.
currently i have....
b&w 804s fronts
b&w htm3s center ( just found one!!!!)
b&w cdm1 sides and
b&w 602 rears.
old sub by cerwin vega.

my room....
25 by 25 open but i only use half for dedicated home theater.
Commercial carpet floors and concrete block walls with dry wall over.

play station hdmi
pioneer elite 92 txh ( only amping the rear 6 and 7 channels) pre outs to
anthem statement p5 via shielded rca. about 9 ft in length.

so here's the thought
1. how much can i get for the anthem and pioneer? pioneer is perfect and the anthem has a few scratches on the top cover( not from me).

2. what could i buy for the money made on the two pieces? processor and amp or amps that is.... and would it be a great enough upgrade to go through the hassle?

i would need the hdmi in the processor with xlr connections and at least hdmi1.3 for a dolby truehd.

the ones that keep coming up are the marantz and the integra for processors. if there is other ideas that would be great.

and what to do for the amp or amps... i love how the anthem makes my speakers sound... a lot less bright than with the pioneer.

so... what are your thoughts?

Forgot to mention the processor needs room correction as well.

***dealer disclaimer***

Does it have to be a pre/pro and amp/amps? An Arcam AVR should fit the bill. It would need to be a high-end model for room correction though.

As mentioned before, your P5 is an incredible amplifier and I think it is a definite keeper. Just sell the Pioneer, or move it to another room, and get a quality pre/pro.

"and what to do for the amp or amps... i love how the anthem makes my speakers sound"


With that statement(pardon the pun), you expressed how very pleased you are with the Anthem P5. I don't know what you paid for the P5 but you indicated in one of your previous threads that you got a very good deal on it. It is a musical powerhouse. I bet it would be hard to replace such a quality amp for what you paid for it.


Not sure what kind of bliss you are trying to achieve, but your current setup and gear should be giving you just about everything one asks for in a "home theater". The only minor thing I see is the in the bass dept.. As mentioned before in a room that size it would be best to add a nice sub (JL Audio F112, B&W ASW 825, REL Stadium or SVS PB Ultra 13 & Epik subs )and maybe use your current sub in an alternate area in the room (maybe the absolute rear). This should give you the in your chest feeling during most scenes if you are not experiencing it yet. HSU subs are good too, my buddy has one and I love the deepness his produces, but his setup is purely musical and not HT.
Thank you for the responses. i am just throwing around some ideas. maybe just a good processor and newer sub is all i would need. after the purchase of the new center channel, i am close to being taped out cash wise. so the thought was sell the amp and receiver, use the money to buy a good amp and processor with ghetto proceeds, but i do jot want to go backwards in quality. emotiva released their new 5 channel amp ($2000) and there is not a review out there yet. i did jot know how that would stack up against the anthem.
but... for now maybe just the elite can get sold and get a processor, even though the elite decodes and has everything but the xlr connections that i want, the sound from a dedicated processor, i am told, would be better.

As good as the Emotiva amps are(performance/value), your Anthem Statement P5 is a couple of notches above that in performance and quality of parts.

Thank you bill.... you have given me the advise i was looking for. now i have to sell my two month old htm4s... ideas on price i should go for on cl?