Thinking about getting a Nova125


I've been considering getting into a Peachtree Nova 125. According to reviews, it seems to be a solid piece of gear that pleases most.

I currently have separates that I got here and there in used condition. NAD C162 pre, Aragon 2004 amp, Emotiva XDA-1 DAC and Paradigm Studio 10 speakers. I do most of my listening from a Sonos that is pulling files from an NAS.

I think the system sounds pretty good, but I do have a bit of an upgrade itch to scratch and my cabinet is really over stuffed; so, I was thinking that I could scratch my itch and kill three birds with one stone.

My question is this. Would this be an upgrade or more of a side ways shuffle?

I'm also a little concerned about the power capabilities of the little Nova. I mean, my Aragon weighs something around 40lbs by itself and the Peachtree weighs just over 20lbs. How can the little Peachtree pack as much punch as advertised? If the specs don't lie, the Peachtree should have more grunt than my Aragon.

I just helped my brother with a new set-up. We were initially thinking i nova, then nova 125, and then I saw a slightly used 220 for $900 from burt at seattle hi-fi. He gave my brother a killer deal. He ended up getting a 220 and nova pre, both, shipped to his door for $1800 flat. Burt was great to work with, responding instantly and being super helpful, and I highly recommend you buy from him. He'll get you a great deal and his customer service is second to no one.
The class D amp in the 220 has tons of power. My brothers set-up has great bass and lots of detail.
I think you'd be happy with the Nova 125 but if you could find a deal like we got, and stretch for a nova pre and a 220, go for it. It looks great and is not cluttered.
P.s. what version studio 10's do you have?
The Nova125 is indeed a solid piece of kit. I bought one for the same reason you stated: downsizing, simplicity, power.

But beware! Don't mix this Class D amp with a sensitive speaker since you will experience noticeable hiss coming from your tweeters. Class D amps like this one tend to have a much higher noise floor. I had to sell my speakers after I got the Nova125.

Good luck!
I got Nova125 to drive my new (old...) Magneplanar 1.5QR. It's a great amp with a lot of power and dynamic. With my Maggies, at their 4 Ohm impedance, it arrives up to 220 watt. Good listening!
I bought the Peachtree Nova 125 earlier this year. I was impressed with the digital sound. I wasn't impressed with the amps power. I like to play music loud and the Nova 125 ran out of gas at higher volumes. I ended up send in the Nova 125 back and bought the NAD C 375 DAC. Much more power and drove my 4 ohm speakers with command. The DAC in the A\Nova was better sounding in my opinion. If you listen to lower volume classical or Jazz with efficient speakers the Nova is perfect. If you like to turn it up and rock out NAD C 375 is the way to go. BTW Peach has a sweet deal on the Nova Pre and 220 power amp for only a few hundred more that the Nova 125. I've heard the Peachtree separates with the New Souns Faber Venere 3.0 it was great
FYI- I purchased a Peachtree 220 amp and it hooked up to the main outs of a B&K receiver. There was some sort of conflict that was creating a very audible hum/hiss out of speakers like a ground loop. Did a little research and put a 2 prong cheater plug on the B&K power cord, fired up the Peachtree and the hum/hiss disappeared instantly. Dead quiet at idle now.