Thinking about buying a Canadian Thorens Turntable


I am presently planning to add a turntable to my system. And while during the last few weeks, I have been looking at many suitors (a ProJect Perspective, a Rega Planar 25/RB600, a VPI HW-19 Jr./Rega RB600, and maybe, a used Thorens TD 126 Electronic (it could be either a Mk I, a Mk II, or a Mk III)). But with exception of the Thorens TD 126 Electronic, all of the other tables I am interested in are priced at $1,000.00 and up. Faced with the prospect of paying these prices for what I feel is a reasonably good turntable. And while I haven't ruled out paying that price for a new table if and when the situation should call for it, I would like to explore all of my options as well. And that means getting a used table in mint condition if at all possible. If I am going this route, then I am going to be looking at turntable/arm systems that were priced at $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 a few years back (which I can get right now for maybe $300.00 to about $650.00, depending on make, model and design. Condition of the table will be a major factor as well), or better yet, I may consider getting a used Thorens TD 146, TD 160 or TD 165. These are pretty respectable tables as well, and if I can get of these used off the net, then I could pay as little as $150.00 for one of these babies. The problem being is that the ones I am interested in seem to be located in Canada. What I want to know now is "is" the power source of Canada is different from the power source that is here in America?? What I mean is that typically, the power source here in America is 15 volts where as the Canadian's power source is about 16 volts (at least, that's what it says on the back of one of the units that I am interested in). And if it is, is there anyway I could get it converted to 15 volts here in America??? Or it doesn't make any difference one way or the other??

By the way, I am already settled on my Phono Stage. My Phono Stage is going to be the Monolithic PS-1 Dual-Mono Phono Stage/HC-1 Dual-Mono Power Supply.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!

Charles, you're kidding, right? We may have a European flair to certain parts of the country (like Quebec) but our electrical is no different from the U.S. We have cable and flush toilets, should you ever wanna c'mon up for a visit and take advantage of the currency exchange. Look me up if you do...Jeff
Cold blooded, Jeff, but funny.
Charles, everything should be ok. Since that table was built many of the States now buy Canadian electricity.
Jeff- Down here in Texas we get a full 120 volts, but I think Enron only exported 15 volts to the US and gave the Canadians that extra volt because of a negotiated settlement with Quebec and Canada so Enron didn't have to print it's Quebec statements in French.

A little known fact is that Quebec eventually voted "no" to succession because of that extra volt, the cost of which ultimately resulted in Enron collapsing so that Quebec could again be one with Canada. And does Quebec appreciate the sacrifice? No!! C'Est La Vie, eh.
Jimbo, it was an intentional slight by us Quebecers. Same reason we hoard our smoked meat and bagels. Had we kept the folks at Enron well fed and entertained by our "gentleman's clubs" perhaps they wouldn't have felt compelled to lie, cheat, and steal? Ahhh, those English types...quoi faires avec?
Jeff- Hell, them Enron folks wasn't even Texans, they was YANKEES tellin' us how they done it "up North"! To answer your question, we need to make steers of them, if you know what I mean....
Isnt Thorens German?? eh??

Actually, it is (meaning that Thorens is a "German" Turntable manufacturer). But the models that I seem to be interested in so far are located in Canada. I have found them on "E-Bay".


All joking aside, be careful of eBay. My experience there has been mixed at best. You'll probably have much better luck here on Audiogon as the folks that are buying/selling are more knowledgeable and tend to have taken much better care of their equipment. At eBay, there are alot of "traders" looking to make a buck and folks who found something in the garage that their kid left behind and don't know/don't care about it.

I have bought and sold a number of things here on 'Gon that would have fetched a few more dollars at eBay, but it's a great group of honest people here that offer very good product at fair prices.


Thanks....... This was the advice I was looking for. And even though, the subject here was about the Thorens Turntables that are being sold on "E-Bay" which are from Canada, I will also be looking here at Audiogon as well. And who knows, I may even fetch me a better rig here for about the same amount of money as I probably would have if I were to buy something off of "E-Bay". My ultimate turntable budget is $1,500.00 (give or take). If I can get me a nice sounding rig without spending that much, then all the better. But if I feel that I can get me a rig that offers me a significant improvement, and the extra cost justifies it as well, then I'll be prepared to spend more if neccessary. But whatever the case may be as far as whether or not I will get me either a brand new turntable/arm/cartridge system or opt for a used turntable/arm system (I am going to want to choose my own cartridge), my budget will remain at $1,500.00. However, I am going to get me a brand new phono stage. And more than likely, if I cannot find the one I want locally (which is what I am going to try first), then I am prepared to go on-line and get it off of the internet (I will then deal with "Music Direct").

I'd spend a little more and go for a Thorens TD-126. Excellent table, and can be easily further improved with chassis damping, etc. I use a TD-125 MK II with Grace 707 arm and even the dealer who rewired the arm for me opined that I'd have to buy something like an Oracle MK II to get a better table. . .

Thanks Dr. Joe. That was what I was thinking about too. If I am going to get me a used Thorens, then a TD 126 is the first model I am going to aim for. A distant second will be a TD 160, with a TD 147 coming in a close third right behind the TD 160. But it is said that somewhere that if I should opt for a 126, then I should go for a Mk I or a Mk II version, and not go for the Mk III. Is there any truth to that??? And if so, why?? But let it be said that if I be lucky enough to end up with a 126 (and I am going to try like hell to find one), then damping the chassis is going to be one of the improvements I am going to make on the table. The other improvements to make on my 126 will involve getting a couple of mats to compensate for the difference levels of thickness of the records themselves, getting a clamp, changing the arm to a Rega RB600 or RB900 (if such an arm should fit the big Thorens) or hunt down an SME 3009 if the none of the Regas should fit, and then changing the tone arm cable and then the interconnects after that. If for some reason I cannot find and land a Thorens TD 126, then the alternative would be an Oracle that is about 10 years old or so. The Oracle, to my knowledge, is a better table than the Thorens.

Anyway, thanks for the input, Joe.