Thiel Powerplane and Powerpoint Speakers

In my continuing quest for the best bang for the buck bedroom surround system I have veered in the direction of the Thiel powerpoint and powerplane speakers. I am still looking at great bookshelf speakers such as Reverl M20s ect. but the Thiel have entered the race. What does anyone know of think of these coupled with a 100 wpc Rotel 1065. A good center might be the thiel sc series.
Hi Ksales. I personally don't care for Rotel with Thiels. Ideally one would have the center channel set back further than the side channels. Perhaps using the SCS for side channels and a Powerpoint for the center channel might be a bit better. Unless viewers/listeners are off center or out of the sweet spot you might be better off without the center channel.
Hi unsound. Appreciate your comments. Unfortunately in this kind of screwy setup optimal sound isn't going to be acheived. I have so much working against me. First the wife factor for a bedroom system is overpowering. If anything can be seen at all unless used it is out. I have had to put everything in a corner cabinet with ok but limited space, which is why I went from separates to the integrated Rotel piece. I generally don't like these things, but actually this is a pretty cool unit and fun to work with. I have read a lot stuff saying that with offset units such as this the center channel is helpful set above the monitor. My experience is in agreement. Remember this is for occasional music, lots of tv, and some dvds. When watching video sources centering the center has a weird effect. I actually tried to get my wife let hang the monitor on the ceiling with a tilt down device, no go.

I am interested in why you don't like the Rotel Thiel match. I haven't heard these speakers very much, but the big boys are clear fast speakers with great sound. It may be these two units don't equal much warmth. I would love follow up from you and others who have experienced these speakers. Any other suggestions are welcome.
Ksales, from what I understand your room set up is a little unconventional. Assuming that your listneing postion is going to be off center from the video source, and with your priorities in mind, I have to agree that you are on the right track. One concern I have is putting the center channel in a cabinet. One has to be carfull that the result doesn't imitate a speaker in a drum. As far as the Rotel, it's just a personal thing. It's probably that warmth thing. Like the McCormack gear, I find that Rotel gear sounds very good with Vandersteens but not as well with Thiels. In as much as these speakers have more in common than not, they don't seem to work with they same equipment due to their differences. BTW, I like both speakers but own and prefer Thiels. I'm not into the surround sound thing, so I don't know if I can offer much help. I don't know what your budget is like, but conrad-johnson is marketing a 5 channel amp. I know it's not an intergrated butI do like c-j solid state with Thiels. The impedance load presented by the Thiels is going to make for limited intergrated options. Should you go with the Thiel Powers, the angled ones might help with the corner issue. If you love the Rotel, you might want to check out the Vandersteens. Good luck.
IF it where me, in a difficult room, I'd forget the 5.1 and just to a high end 2 channel(mini monitor) set up with a digital pre/pro thrown in! Some nice high end monitors(2ea) with, say, a tube integrated(with a dd/dts pre/pro looped into an auxilary input) and a quick little subwoofer in the room, and you'd get very clear, deatailed, hi-end sounding, musical and dynamic sound from music or HT!
Basically, you're going to likely end up with less than stellar/perfect surround sound and music both being compromised the way you're going about it! I just think you're trying to "force it" by doing a whole system in your room at this point!
I think this applies to your "less than ideal" set up situation. IN this case, less might be more.
good luck
At CES the Thiel home theatre setup used just Powerpoints (I think) and their sub, and it was awesome. This is a worthy direction if you can pull it off. As always, be careful of mating Thiels with inexpensive lean sounding solid state gear. If you do find it sounding a bit lean, use Cardas cabling, perhaps Shunyata power cords too, and hear the magic.
Thanks to all. Unsound I really understand where your going on the thiel rotel match as others have pointed out lean amps with thiels are not a good match. I personally would match CJ amps with Thiels if that were a logical choice. I have a CJ amp that I have matched with Revel M20s with very warm results. My concern here was the thiel match. The Rotel amp is a nice bang for the buck but somewhat lean.