Thiel Powerplane 1.2 LCR's and ... Odyssey HT-3?

I just purchased 3 Thiel Powerplane 1.2's to replace my current onwall speakers in my family room with in-walls. I expect delivery Monday. Wife will be happier, and I've always remembered liking the classic Thiel sound back in the days when I would frequent high end audio shops in Chicago (it's been a while...). 

Anyway, my current set up is a Denon AVR 3313, but I use the pre-outs to my Odyssey Stratos HT-3 amp to run my front 3 speakers.  The Odyssey has the cap upgrade and I believe some other upgrade, and I've been pleased with it for years. 

My question - is this Odyssey amp a good fit for the Thiel Powerplane 1.2's?

If not, I have a six channel Parasound in the basement if that amp is considered a better match. I can't remember the model and I'm out of town, but maybe the HCA-1206? Which includes option to bridge one or two pairs of channels. 

Please let me know what you think about the Thiel/Odyysey match up. To get a flavor of what I like, I have always enjoyed Acoustic Energy speakers, also have had some Cantons in my system but I find them a bit lacking. I have MK's in my basement HT system that I really like as well, but that may be because the are connected to an old HSU TN1220 subwoofer, the original tower tube sub...)

Thanks again, any help appreciated. 

- Dan
I will report on the marriage between Thiel and my Odyssey Stratos amp when I get home from vacation and hook these puppies up. They need to sound good before I cut holes in my walls. 

Cables are as follows : 

internconnects by The Music Cable, using yellow model, and my  review from 2002 is available here. These have been stored sin sealed ziplock bags since 2007, brought back into action about 2 months ago when I hooked up the Stratos in my living room.

speaker cable is 14 gauge, available at big box store brand cable that my contractor ran through the walls. 

Source connects are HDMI a from Blue Ray and cable box, server via wired Ethernet cable. 

Not much Else to report until I can run some power though these speakers...

- Dan