theta compli as standalone cd player?

I still listen to CDs quite a bit in both my home and office systems. In the home system, I have a Theta Carmen and IIIA dac. In the office system, it's a Rega Planet 2000. I'm looking to upgrade the office CD player with maybe a Theta Miles. However, I've been seeing some great deals on the compli, now that dvd is no longer the standard. It seems that the compli is a transport but also has dacs, since it has analog outs. Do I understand correctly that the compli can therefore be used as a standalone cd player with no external dac? If so, can anyone comment on the quality of the dacs? Would that in fact be an upgrade over what I have in the home system? Thanks. -Dave
I would go with Theta Miles. It is truly outstanding. I use them with a good tube amp and Egglestons, and the contrast between tubes and the Miles is awesome! Even with solid state, I would go with this stand-alone!
You might want to read the Threads on the "External Dac - Casablanca II" Post to get a heads-up on Theta's dac's and Theta's analog. I have a Compli and from my Threads you'll see I've got it wired into my Casablanca a couple of different ways. 99% of the time I use it for CD's on its analog outs. IMHO you won't be disapointed with a Compli... especially when you consider the low asking prices.