theta cobalt307 with a jolida sj302 tube amp?

well i am new in this field i have a jolida sj202 tube amp and wanted to know if going with a theta cobalt 307 dac would be a resonable choice,what type of cd transport for under $500.00 is out there that would work with this set up
p.s i use blueroom speakers
I have a cobalt 307 with my headphone system and like it alot. I think the chroma is more refined but maybe $100-$200 more than the 307. I was going to reccomend the Rotel 980 since I have seen those for around $200-$300 and it had good reviews. E-bay had one for $150 (what a steal)! Good luck
thanks for the input, would a cal audio delta cd transport work with the theta cobalt307? inquiring ears want to hear.
AS long as there is a coax (preferably) or toslink out of the Cal which I would think there would be. Happy listening.